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COVID-19: 5.4m Americans lose jobs, health insurance


Sadly, 5.4 million people who lost their jobs during the pandemic have also found themselves without health insurance.
Federal law lets people continue participating in their employer-sponsored health plan for up to 18 months after a job loss, but an employer typically does not continue paying part of the premium, making this an expensive option for many individuals.
To that point, having to navigate the health insurance landscape on your own can be stressful and confusing. Additionally, many people are just not aware that there are various resources they can turn to for help.
Generally, newly laid off and uninsured people will have three ways to get coverage: COBRA, the Affordable Care Act subsidized marketplace or a public plan like Medicaid or Medicare. For many people, the ACA marketplace will provide more affordable options. However, many others who become uninsured will be eligible to sign up for Medicaid.
It’s important to exhaust every resource for assistance.

SOURCE: cnbc.com


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