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Beloxxi nominated for 2020 NSE Bulls Award


The Beloxxi Industries, Nigeria’s indigenous prime biscuits makers has been nominated for the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) Bulls Award for 2020.

The award nomination was announced to the fast-paced trendsetting company in a letter of August 4, 2020 from the NSE and the BusinessDay Newspaper.

The investiture on the eventual winners would take place on September 5 in Lagos.

The award nomination letter stated that: “The leadership of BusinessDay Media Limited and the Nigerian Stock Exchange are delighted to notify you that Beloxxi Industries Limited has been shortlisted for the Next Bulls Awards at the 2020 edition of the Top CEOs and Next Bulls Awards. Winners of this year’s awards will be announced during the virtual ceremony to be held on Saturday, September 5, 2020.This is in recognition of Beloxxi Industries Limited impressive growth, market success, regulatory enforcement and world-class corporate values. The organization has steadily expanded under your dynamic leadership, attracting broad positive attention from sector watchers.”

Since it commenced production as a sequel to the federal government ban of biscuits import in 2003 which made the biscuits trading and importing company to venture into manufacturing, Beloxxi, under the guiding investment and entrepreneurship acumen of the President/CEO, Obi Ezeude has pulled the stops and blasted off to the top in the corporate and real sector rating in Nigeria with an array of prestigious awards in Nigeria and overseas.

Most of these recognition have centered on ethics, conscientious business environment, outstanding acumen in grooming the younger Nigerians and giving them hope in employment and raising the inspiration that Nigerians can get it right with the grooming and growth of the nation’s economy.

In reaction to the announcement, Ezeude, Beloxxi CEO told Africa China Economy that “as usual I dedicate this coveted honour to the young Nigerians who believed in my dreams and have found a rallying point in the modest efforts that started blossoming into a bigger reality than we ever envisaged. It’s just a nomination, we know, but we also sincerely thank the bodies for such recognition while we await what happens eventually on September 5.

“I still believe that with the people standing with us, we can take on bigger challenges, accomplish higher goals and take the dream farther than we ever imagined from the outset.”

Ezeude also said that every recognition Beloxxi actualizes is just another challenge to move faster, do much more and aim higher.

Further, the nomination notice noted that “The Annual Awards, which is marking its 6th anniversary this year, are anchored by both the BusinessDay Research and Intelligence Unit (BRIU) in partnership with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). The Top CEOs & Next Bulls Awards recognise two classes of companies. Under the Top CEOs category, the chief executives of quoted companies that demonstrated the most impressive gains in both share price and profit-after-tax, that is, shareholder value creation, over the course of 2019 are selected for special recognition. The second category, the Next Bulls Awards celebrates private, companies that active, informed investors on the Nigerian Stock Exchange have expressed a strong demand to own their shares if their boards ever decide to take them public. Winners are selected by a proprietary survey carried out by the BusinessDay Research and Intelligence Unit (BRIU).”


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