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Nigeria Bottling installs high speed canning plant


The Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd (NBC) has announced the successful installation of a new high-speed canning line at its Ikeja plant. This is in line with its business optimisation and transformation plans.

The Director, Public Affairs and Communications, NBC, Ekuma Eze, noted in a statement seen by Nairametrics that the move and the supporting capital investment are in line with the company’s commitment to continue investing in the country.

“As a leading consumer packaged goods company, NBC is committed to supporting the Nigerian economy and its people. In addition, as our products continue to cater to a growing range of tastes, we seek to continue to offer our consumers a wider choice of healthier options, premium products and increasingly sustainable packaging.

“This is why we’ve made this significant investment into the installation of this new can manufacturing line at our Ikeja plant,” he said.

With this development, the company’s production capacity for canned products will increase significantly, while production time will be greatly reduced.

This will in turn increase the availability of Coca-Cola can products, and the products will now come in modern sleek cans.

According to him, the new canning line will allow NBC meet up with increasing sales demand, and boost the company’s export capacity.

Eze also disclosed in the statement that the company has “plans in place to install additional bottling lines at the plant in 2021.”

As part of the company’s optimization plan, NBC also developed a Greenfield factory in Challawa plant, Kano State to scale up operations. The factory commenced operations in February.

NBC commenced its business transformation and optimisation plan since 2015, and over the last five years, has invested “over 650 million euros in the expansion and extensive upgrade of its manufacturing plants in Asejire, Ikeja, Abuja, Owerri, Challawa, Maiduguri, Port Harcourt and Benin.”



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