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Polaris Bank offers its salary advance product to non-customers


Polaris Bank has brought back its Salary Advance with additional incentives and access this time to accommodate non-account holders to access quick fund as the bank’s customers do.

The Bank’s Group Head of Products & Markets Development, Bimpe Ihekuna, “The phenomenal success and testimonials from beneficiaries of the initial offering, informed the need to extend the opportunity to more Nigerians to enjoy the benefits.”

Ihekuna said “this added feature has made Polaris Salary Advance, a readily available, convenient, and accessible solution to customers’ immediate financial needs, as well as serving identified new markets,”

Salary Advance is a small, short-term unsecured loan that relies on the borrower having previous payroll and employment records. As a Salary Advance beneficiary, you repay it either out of your next paycheck or over an agreed time span.

Polaris Salary Advance has enabled Nigerians across board, meet pressing needs and some unexpected expenses with less difficulty which explains the high adoption rate and patronage it has enjoyed across the country.

Scores of workers in private employment, corporate Nigeria, civil servants in state and federal employment have accessed easily and benefitted immensely from the facility extended from the Bank, long before they receive their salary.

As an instantly available, no-collateral facility, which customers can access anytime, anywhere, Polaris Salary Advance is available to all salary earners (both Polaris account holders and non-account holders).

The product can be accessed via *833*12# USSD Smartcode platform.


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