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10 reasons why rumoured plan to extradite Nnamdi Kanu from Singapore may never be


IKENNA EMEWUWe are NOT fan of Nnamdi Kanu, but people rejoicing or reporting his arrest and eventual said deportation to Nigeria may be living in dreams yet, for certain factual reasons in International law, which include:1. At the international sphere, Kanu is seen as a freedom fighter and political activist for self actualization and freedom of a people he claims to champion their cause2. In international law, nobody is extradited unless after a court judgment to that effect3. In international law, political and religious actors don’t fall within EXTRADITABLE persons. They are seen and treated as people running away from persecution over their persuasion deemed their fundamental right4. Kanu is a citizen of UK and if you are to ask for his extradition for a cause seen by them as freedom struggle, it is highly likely that UK would step in to espouse diplomatic clemency and reprieve for him as its citizen.5. Nigeria lacks the diplomatic clout to sway Singapore to deport Kanu on its terms. It would also not influence the Commonwealth where they all belong.6. It’s only Nigeria, acting against international law rules that deported or extradited accused Caneroonian political activists. Other countries don’t do that. Yet those deported activities still sued Nigeria and won their case.7. A good recent instance was in 2016 when Turkey asked US to extradite Fethulah Gulen for trial on allegations of complicity in what President Recep Erdogan called coup against his government US didn’t even listen to or take any such action because even if there was such case proven, it fell within political offense.8. People are extraditable only for CRIMES and political or religious activism is not among such crimes recognized in international law.9. It would first be established if Nigeria has existing extradition treaty with Singapore. And if they do, the other rules of what is EXTRADITABLE and what is not prevails.10. Ask yourself why extradition of WikiLeaks man, Julian Assange has proven impossible over the years even with powerful US pushing for it. Reason is because the law sees Assange as one expressing his freedom of speech


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