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Afri-China Media Centre presents book on CCECC’s Abuja transport projects


On November 25, at the Airport Station of the Abuja Metro light rail, the Afri-China Media Centre presented a book it wrote on the Abuja Integrated Transport Plan: CCECC projects that recreated Capital City’s Economy to the media.

The presentation was done by the Executive Director, Ikenna Emewu, in the company of the management of the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)

The book written with the support of the CCECC Managing Director, Mr. Michael Jiang was compiled to showcase the steadfast culture of the company in the execution of projects in the country and especially the railway sub-sector which have contributed and facilitated the transport economy of Nigeria.

From the management team of the CCECC as part of the event were the General Managers, Corporate Culture, Mr. Vincent Liu, Mr. Yang, the head of the airport project and Mr. Kong Tao, head of the Railway Projects represented by his deputy, Mr. Guo

Also at the event, Emewu spoke on the benefits of the projects to the economy of the federal capital and the entire country and also urged Nigerians to drop prejudices against China and the operation of their companies in Nigeria which are baseless. He called that working on facts would create a better cooperation and friendship for growth.

“Every country learns what it doesn’t know which another knows from that who knows, and there is nothing wrong if Nigeria with an open mind would learn the secret of China’s great emancipation and grow on her own.”

The CEO appreciated the CCECC for steadfastly adhering to the contract terms and completing the projects on time and urged Nigerians to patronize the transport means for a faster movement and other benefits.
Emewu noted that the projects are part of the gains of the China Nigeria relationship in almost 50 years and the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) that is 20 years old with ample benefits.

He cited instances from the book about how China leveraged on other countries that were more advanced than her to grow, especially the China railway system that has become the largest and most sophisticated in the world today that was built for China by Germany, France and Japan.


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