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Okore, academician and virtual chemistry lab inventor inducted as Chemical Society Fellow

Dr. Okore, middle, recieving the Fellow award in Abuja

Dr. Samuel Okore of the virtual chemistry laboratory invention fame has been inducted as Fellow of the Chemical Society of Nigeria.

The induction held last week in Abuja at the annual of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN), which was a gathering of experts and policymakers in the field.

Okore made his groundbreaking invention that aided the reduction of chemistry laboratory techniques and procedures to an online and perfectly virtual business without the need for visiting a physical laboratory.

Although his invention which received global publicity came with mixed feeling from mainly those that felt it would entail business losses to them as the sale of chemistry laboratory equipment would be bye-passed, his ingenious innovation became very potent and useful with the rave of virtual and online learning that was made most prominent during the Covid-19 pandemic when schools were shut all over the world.

Even as Nigeria has not fully embraced Okore’s invention or celebrated him enough, the outer world seems more enthusiastic and the CSN acknowledging this landmark applauded him through this induction. His citation at the induction made this high breakthrough a highpoint as the reason for the recognition of his invention.

Okore is the Chief Executive Officer of Virtual Chemical Laboratory Services and the publisher of an online Journal “Science View Journal”.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry (Education) from the University of Port-Harcourt having graduated in 1999. In 2004 he obtained a Doctorate Degree in Digital Chemistry with a bias in molecular graphics from the Atlas University, Philadelphia, USA.

In 2008 he took up an appointment with the Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, Imo State, to introduce and lecture in computer applications in Chemistry.

Dr. Okore, middle, surrounded by admirers, colleagues and family

Dr. Okore’s employment in the lecturing field enabled him to research in diverse areas in Chemistry which results were published in both national and international scientific journals. His research and publications earned him numerous awards from professional chemical bodies and institutions. In October 2012 Renaissance Forum, a Canadian Institute made a prestigious award to him for his scientific discoveries and enhancement of digital approach to science education in Nigeria.

In October 2018 his researches into new technology in studies of chemistry started bearing fruits. Having developed Virtual Laboratory, the first of its kind in the world, he proceeded to make it available online to chemists and Chemistry students worldwide. This feat was revolutionary; all the complex settings, materials, and equipment of a physical lab that would cost millions of naira became reduced to a virtual image on the LCD, and from the comfort of your home one can deal with numerous chemical reactions without physical contacts with substances. This development got Intellectual Property Protection on the 5th of October 2018.

Okore is also making waves in areas of I.T learning such as software development in computer applications, website design, instrumentation in Chemistry, installations, and marketing of chemistry software packages. He is also among the first few scientists in the world to use MATLAB to sequence DNA chemistry in 2015.

He conceived and designed sectron module of an atom and sectron periodic table of chemical elements that future chemists can use to track the enzymes’ molecular patch reactions. The sectron periodic table is capable of measuring the degree of electron angular rotation in the digital periodic table of chemical elements.

Dr. Okore is the Editor-in-chief of Science View Journal since inception. He is registered with more than six professional bodies including The Computer Registration Council of Nigeria.


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