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Nigerian company introduces RFID blocking ATM card to beat fraudsters


FAE Ltd, the foremost envelope producer in Nigeria, has introduced a new product into the market, RFID Blocking ATM Card cover.
The Managing Director of the company, Princess Layo Okeowo, made the disclosure at the ongoing trade fair, where she noted that the card cover has the power to block the Radio Frequency identification (RFID), which is electromagnetic and can allow fraudsters to transfer money from unsuspecting victims.
The FAE boss said with the increase in fraudulent activities in Nigeria, FAE has to be proactive to think ahead on the need to protect our customers and fellow Nigerians from being scammed.
“As good as the features of contactless card are, not many users are aware that their cards can be read with powerful RFID readers from a distance of 100-meters by malicious hackers on the quest to steal the financial data of unsuspecting users.
“To this end, FAE Limited’s solution to electronic pickpocketing is her newest product – The RFID Blocking ATM Card Cover!
“Our Card Cover is manufactured with shielded sleeves that block RFID energy required to power the chip on contactless card.
“With our card cover which ensures perfect protection of data due to a shield core, you no longer have to live in fear of possible loss of money. All you need to guarantee the safety of your contactless card is FAE’s stylish security encrypted card cover.
” Our product is first of its kind in West Africa, as we are poised to changing the narrative of paper manufacturing in Nigeria and beyond
” That gold chip on your card contains all your security details .
“If you slot your ATM card inside the RFID card you are protected .
“The card can last for about one or two years, it depends on your usage .
“The price is reasonable and it’s cheap.
The card is affordable and protective. “We want to control satisfy our customers with quality products.
According to Samson Anike, who represented Ayoku Liadi, deputy managing director of United Bank for africa (UBA), the RFiD blocking card cover came at the right time.
He said in 2018 , records had it that ATM card fraud level in 2018 was about 27.8dollars.
He gave credit to the company for the innovation.
“The cover can protect your debit and credit card from scammers.”
Okeowo added that the covers can be customised in the names of different banks ‘ and colours, that represent banks.”The banks can also use the cards to dispatch ATM to customers.”
She said the FAE, which is just over half a century old, has more than 35 years of experience and is the largest producer of envelopes in West Africa, producing bout 10million envelopes daily.
Deploying its manufacturing facilities, which allow the company cater to the needs of many orders as required, the envelopes produced by these automated machines are of superior quality.
The newest tamper proof envelopes are tear resistant, and when the silicone part is peeled off, it reflects on the envelop that it has been tampered with.
She added that the company which is the first to produce such RFID card has other range of quality and exceptional envelopes with special features, which include the First Class (envelopes and letterhead); Tamper Proof (tear resistant); Envemaster(Brown bar coded ); Inserting window envelopes (for ATM cards) and Security perforated plain and window envelopes.
Explaining, she said the window envelopes can be used for multiple mailing, statement of account, dividend warrants , ATM cards; the bar coded envelopes can be used for inventory; the bar code can be scanned to check the size of the envelop, the gram mag and manufacturer of the product.
These envelopes, according to the managing director come in variety of colours, can be customized, comes in styles, sizes such as banker and wallet.
Okeowo whose vision is to emerge a world class manufacturer of innovative and high quality envelopes with various accreditations under its bail, urged institutions like the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) and Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to patronise the company by print ing their ballot papers and special envelopes with the company.
She hailed the organiser of the trade fair for the opportunity to showcase at the fair, and urged Nigerians to patronise its made in Nigeria envelopes instead of going abroad.
The managing director promised that the company will continue to reposition its operations to serve, Nigeria and Africans with its quality products



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