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China shoulders Zambia’s COVID-19 fight

President Adgar Lungu of Zambia refuses meddlesome US ambassador

 The year 2020 has been shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not only disrupted the global health system but wreaked havoc on economies.

   For developing countries like Zambia, the pandemic has added salt to the injury as the economy was reeling from the hardships caused by a slump in copper prices, the mainstay of the country’s economy.

   This made the fight against the pandemic difficult for the country as the meager resources were not enough to contain the pandemic.

   But thanks to global partners like China which rose to the occasion to help Zambia in fighting the pandemic.

   Chinese enterprises such as Huawei Technologies as well as other companies operating in Zambia showed their generosity by supporting the country in its quest to contain the pandemic.

   Being spurred by the embassy, various Chinese companies took it upon themselves to support the government through donations of various medical supplies.

   The support ranged from disposable facemasks, ventilators, infrared thermometers, and surgical masks, among others.

   During one of the handover ceremonies of COVID-19 supplies, the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie said China felt obliged to support Zambia in such a difficult time because of the strong bonds that exist between the two countries.

   Despite China also suffering the brunt of the pandemic, the Chinese envoy noted that it was important in such times to share resources with countries that have meager resources.

   The support has not just come without appreciation from the Zambian authorities.

   Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said China is among the countries that have been at the forefront of supporting Zambia in the fight against the pandemic.

   According to him, China’s assistance, as well other the support from other cooperating partners, has helped the country to deal with the pandemic.

   Zambian First Lady Esther Lungu, whose organization, the Esther Lungu Foundation, was among the beneficiary of the Chinese support, was full of praise for the support, adding that the support was timely as the country was undergoing economic turmoil.

   President Edgar Lungu was also full of praise for China’s support in the fight against the pandemic.

   In a letter address to the Jack Ma Foundation, the Zambian leader said the support shows China’s commitment to the Sino-Africa ties.

   The pandemic did not adversely affect Zambia and this has been attributed to a multi-sectoral approach instituted by the government to combat it.

   However, there are fears that the country could plunge into a second wave of the disease due to relaxation of adherence to health guidelines.

   The government has already warned that it will introduce tough preventive measures if people continue to disregard adherence to the health guidelines.

   According to Ministry of Health figures, cumulative cases as of Sunday stood at 18,716 while 17,762 patients have been discharged from various hospitals since the outbreak of the pandemic in March. 



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