Home Health NAFDAC DG says Nigeria unfit to make Covid-19 vaccines

NAFDAC DG says Nigeria unfit to make Covid-19 vaccines


The Director General of the National Agency for Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)

has said every hope of Nigeria joining the league of countries fighting back the global pandemic through the production of vaccines is pipe dream. 

The NAFDAC CEO, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye explained that given Nigeria’s unpreparedness and inadequacies of research and production facilities, it’s impossible for the country to think of or aspire to manufacturing vaccines. 

In a live discussion with the TVC 7pm news Thursday, December 24, Prof. Adeyeye admitted point-blank that it is unrealistic for Nigeria to get approval of the World Health Organization (WHO) to pursue such project. 

She said there are ratings and qualifications a country must meet before getting the endorsement of WHO to pursue such goal.

Adeyeye said that regarding pharmaceutical international standards and infrastructure availability, Nigeria exists in a planet away from such reality. 

She however said the country has been doing much to invest in and encourage research and upgrade of facilities, but not yet at the stage of commanding a height to venture a high scale scientific project as Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing. 

From her words, there might even be no plans to quicken any upgrade to aspire to Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing, which implies that even if the COVID-19 cases get worse, the best Nigeria can do is encouraging citizens to live safe as there is no hope of any solution to wipe out the ravaging killer through scientific breakthrough by the country.


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