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Anambra 2021: Why Nwankwo, Wichtech CEO is most suitable for the job


One of the most abused words during every campaign season is ‘experience’ . Every candidate claims he has the requisite experience to govern, even when from barely scratching the surface we know many of them do not have the basic experience in managing themselves.

Politicians being politicians, they will trumpet their merry go round in the political arena without any impact as experience. They assume, that by occupying a space for too long they have become experienced. Another set, are those who think that because they work in the Private sector, they have automatically become experienced. 

Experience is beyond pedestrian definition. Experience is simply the existence of a measurable catalogue of result oriented performance by an individual in a given field. For one to be experienced is for one to have embodied success in a field. So, if anyone is trumpeting experience ask him or her to show you his success in solving any problem in the field he or she is claiming experience in.

Yes, experience is definitely needed for any one wishing to become the governor of Anambra State. An individual wishing to govern Anambra state must have an experience in;

* Managing a large number of people creating wealth through a legitimate productive venture over time

* Must have good human management quality

* Must have the knowledge of the economy and its dynamics

* Must be a data person

* Must be able to define prosperity to a layman and point out individuals he or she has guided to prosperity must have a functional business within the economy or be an outstanding entrepreneurial staff member in the organization he or she works in. 

When you benchmark many of the aspirants angling to lead Anambra with these criteria listed above, many of them will fall by the way side and their so called experience dismissed

However, some will stand tall and one of those who will stand tallest, shoulder above many is Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo the CEO/Chairman of the Wichtech Group, whose experience in growing and building people over the last 30 years has never been in question

He founded the Wichtech Group 26 years ago from scratch and has grown it to become the market leader in the Nigerian construction sector

He is a manufacturer and understands the dynamics of the economy. He was one of the first to invest in an Industrial gas plant  in the Ogun state Industrial corridor

He presently employs circa 4,000 people across Nigeria. To benchmark this, Dangote whom controls over 40% of the Nigerian Stock Exchange employs just about 20000 people. Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo, hence is one of the largest employer of labour in Nigeria.

For over 30 years, using the Kingdom Care Foundation, he has taught many Nigerians how to catch fish and has led them to prosperity, unshackling themselves from poverty. 

If experience is your thing, if you need a man who has been there and done that. If you need a practical problem solver to be your governor, then, you must support Dr. Nwankwo to Make a New Anambra Possible.

Article made available to us by DARLINGTON CHUDE


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