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NASRDA says agency can use satellite tech to fight insecurity


The Director General of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Dr Halilu Shaba has stressed the need for the development of satellite technology as effective tool in tackling the menace of insecurity in the country.

He made this call during an interactive session in Abuja at a special presentation in honour of his formal assumption of office as the Director General of the Space Agency.

The NASRDA boss described the Agency as a strategic partner as it possesses relevant capabilities and specialization in providing support towards combating the insecurity challenges.

According to him, the Agency as a stakeholder has a lot to do by ensuring collaborative effort with relevant security organizations to combat the security situation which has portrayed Nigeria in a bad light to the rest of the world.

Shaba reiterated the need for Nigeria through NASRDA to “take our place in space and also take our place on earth” by providing the necessary ingredients for the development of the Nigerian society through the instrumentality of Space Science and technology.

The NASRDA DG advocated the need for inclusiveness, collectivism and capacity building as an essential tool for policy formulation and implementation of the National Space Programme.

The NASRDA helmsman further said that with the medium and high resolution satellites which have been used in time past to provide relevant imageries to security agencies, NASRDA is ready to deploy the capabilities of these satellites in providing data of flash point areas which will be highly beneficial in the fight against insecurity.

He also advocated the creation of the National Reconnaissance Center in collaboration with security agencies under the control of the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), where relevant security information will be domiciled.         

He therefore expressed his commitment towards pursuing the realization of NASRDA’s mandate which among other things include the deployment of space technology in providing solutions to the problem of mankind. He called for collaboration between stakeholders especially the Defence Space Administration (DSA) who are in the forefront of providing solutions to insecurity in the country using space technology.

In his remark, the immediate past Acting Director General of NASRDA, Dr. Francis Chizea, advocated the need for maximum cooperation especially amongst relevant stakeholders with the aim of achieving the objectives of the National Space Programme of which the space agency plays a leading role.

Dr Chizea stressed the need for management and staff of the Agency to be passionate and ensure team work as this will serve as a springboard for taking the Agency and Nigeria as a country to higher heights.

The former Acting DG, concluded that all hands must be on deck by all to achieve the effective implementation of the National Space Programme and most importantly, make NASRDA our common collective interest.


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