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Buhari’s tough talk and selective reactions


President Muhammadu Buhari subtly spoke yesterday in person, like reassuring the people he is still there.

For a very long time, what speaks to us is the Presidency and not the President

The last time we heard from him was sometime towards end of October last year after the #EndSars protests. His address was less than two minutes after being coerced to

We don’t want to discuss the issue of what he delights to address, and it’s only when he hears IPOB.

I don’t subscribe to IPOB or give support to its modus in any form. What I give my support are those issues that gave birth to IPOB… the unfairness of Nigeria to the Igbo, especially a Buhari that has not and will not forgive even the Igbo not yet born when he went through what he said he went through fighting a war for 30 months.

This morning on AIT live discussion Mike Ozekhome (SAN) asked and challenged Buhari on how he has made any effort to act the 3Rs speech to end the Civil war. He asked why no Igbo man is in any security position of the country where decisions of how to secure the country is taken

Buhari runs a system that sits down to draw plans on how to possibly ‘run’ the Igbo in the guise of implementing security rules in Igboland to the exclusion of the Igbo. And to him, threats are the only way to solve a myriad ancient and deliberate knotty issues tugging the country at the seams to tear it apart. 

It doesn’t take expertise to know he was referring to IPOB in his bile laden words.

It’s so worrisome that after over 5000 people have been killed in banditry and terrorism, including that by the criminals among Fulani herdsmen, mass abduction of school kids and many more in the past one year, Buhari never saw any reason to address Nigeria. 

The dirge and songs of Restructuring have rang for years and Buhari never said a word to Nigeria about it.

President Buhari has never drifted from his mum-is-the-word culture as anger rages in Nigeria over the threat of armed Fulani herdsmen killings all over Nigeria. Even the frontal allegations by Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State that he gives support to the herdsmen kinsmen of his to overrun other Nigerian ethnic groups and take over their lands never made Buhari react in person

The major threat to the future of the country through the repeated kidnapping of thousands of school kids has not been an issue for Buhari to react to.

Nigerians have complained endlessly about Buhari’s lopsided and nepotistic appointments in the past six years in favour of his Fulani. That has not deserved his response. 

As Buhari threatens IPOB which we know is threat on the Igbo since the military has already been killing as many as they want in Igboland and tagging them IPOB, 

Buhari we know must address the Igbo in hurting language and that’s why he singles out, from old hatred, those in Igbo agitating, and didn’t worry about other issues and other groups that also call for the same out of the same frustration his regime created. 

While Buhari talks tough only about the Igbo, he doesn’t care about the general tradition of his lopsided favours and how his actions submerged Nigeria in this mess

We also don’t want to discuss if anyone in power is deliberately planting arsonists in Igboland from other parts to find a reason to mow down a hated people

I refer Buhari to a statement from Hope Uzodinma, governor of Imo State last week, that 70% of people arrested in connection with burning Imo State are not Igbo. This is a time we ask many more questions and also alert the world about Buhari’s selective retribution targeting the Igbo just like his selective compensation that sidelines the Igbo. 

President Buhari is one of the living prosecutors of the internecine and most shameful war steeped in genocide which he repeatedly makes allusion to without drawing a lesson from it

He cajoles the Igbo with it all the time with a blackmail slant but never drew a lesson from it to correct the injustices that led to that war: a case of treating symptoms and leaving the cause of the ailment untouched.

It’s good to know that in whatever state of mind he is, the Igbo hate syndrome that rings loud in his nuclear person must always nudge him back into alertness: a case of an old woman never getting too old in the dance steps of her youth


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