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Ohanaeze to Buhari: You can’t cow Nd’Igbo with another genocide. Retract, apologize to us


Ohanaeze, the Igbo apex interest group has demanded immediate apology from President Muhammadu Buhari over his threat of the Igbo with civil war treatment.

In an address Buhari made to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Tuesday he had deviated from his interactive with INEC to drop a cold threat on the entire Igbo calling that they will get a civil war treat if the people among them calling for secession don’t stop.

Many people among the Igbo have interpreted the words as threat of genocide that characterized the war on the Igbo between 1966 July and until the war between May 1967 and January 1970.

The call that was later tweeted on his official handle generated so much tension and controversy as Nigerian netizens petitioned Tweeter calling for sanction on Buhari for inciting hate against the Igbo.

Tweeter later reacted by deleting the tweet by Buhari.

The reactions also expanded to the creation of a hashtag among Nigerian social media users #IamIgboToo to generate support for the south East about statement

That Tuesday would be a repeat on several instances by Buhari to the Igbo, including a day NYSC members serving in his native Daura town paid him visit on Sallah day of 2016, where he still used the opportunity to chide the young Nigerians. He singled them out from the group of Nigerians from all parts of the country and warned them to go home and tell their people agitating for Biafra to forget it.

Buhari had in a tweet vowed to come down on those against his government just like the civil war.

Ohanaeze leadership also joined in the deluge of reactions and asked Buhari to withdraw the comment and apologize to the people of Southeast.

The Ohanaeze Secretary-General, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro said Buhari should “quickly rescind the threats of repeating the episode of the civil war experience which killed 3 million Igbo people and wreaked havoc on Igbo properties.

“Mr. President should also tender an unreserved apology to Nd’Igbo for the civil war carnage against Southeast.”

He said the insecurity in the Southeast may not be far from bandits from the North, stressing that “before now, there was clear warning, even by US Embassy that killer herdsmen and Northern bandits were heading south to destabilize the region. What is happening now is now far from it, so the tag should not be on Igbo youths.”

The Ohanaeze scribe added that they were solidly behind the Southeast governors in the moment of tribulation and difficulty towards the restoration of peace and stability in the region.

“President Buhari should regularly be scheduled to meet with Igbo governors and leaders, including youths and agitators. This exhibition of love is what Nigerians expect from Buhari, not civil war threat.

“The Federal Government honoured the Yoruba nation through MKO Abiola by the declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day to heal the psyche and wounds of the past. Southeast should also be honoured through presidential pardon and amnesty for all Biafra agitators.

“Never again should Nd’Igbo be threatened with the genocide of 30 months of Biafra war,” he warned.


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