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Digital tool launched to monitor royalties of musicians in sub-Saharan Africa


Recording artists across the sub-Saharan African region will leverage a newly launched digital tool to strengthen transparency in management of their royalties, a lobby group said on Wednesday.

   According to Nairobi-based sub-Saharan African Regional Office of International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), enhanced access to the tool will ensure producers and artists gain optimally from their works.

   Francis Moore, IFPI chief executive, said that administering of the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) will enable African musicians to take charge of their content.

   “Diverse and exciting music from Africa continues to expand its impact around the world,” Moore said in a statement issued in Nairobi.

   He said for African creators to efficiently manage and control the use of their music regionally and globally, the data systems underpinning music need to keep pace.

   Moore said the innovative data management tool will empower African music creators and spur growth of creative sector that provides millions of jobs to the continent’s youth.

   Recording companies in Africa once assigned with ISRC will be able to identify any song permanently and without ambiguity, hence simplifying management of royalties that are a major source of revenue for artists.

   Angela Ndambuki, director of IFPI’s Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office said launch of the data management tool marked a milestone in the continent’s creative industry whose potential for growth is immense.

   “The African music sector continues to develop at an incredible pace. We must ensure that it does so in line with international standards to make it sustainable for the long term,” said Ndambuki.

   She said that registering for an ISRC is quick, simple and cheap adding that it will enable African music creators to control future use of their recordings on a global scale.

   Ndambuki said that improved governance in the management of royalties will motivate African artists to come up with cutting edge works that can attract a global audience. 



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