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Peace Mass Transit to produce 1,000 vehicles yearly in Nigeria


Peace Mass Transit Limited has announced that its new vehicle assembly plant has begun operation and is capable of producing 1,000 vehicles yearly.

The company announced this in a statement made available to our correspondent by its Head of Operations, David Okoroafor.

It said the plant had rolled out about 100 units of the improved version of the Peace Hiace brand of commuter buses.

It said, “PMT injects a minimum of 600 buses into its fleet every year and the new assembly plant is expected to augment the supply need of the company, for a start.

“Toyota Hummer buses, Ugama Hiace, and the resilient Peace Hiace are some of the popular brands in the PMT fleet.”

The company said the locally assembled Peace Hiace buses had been fitted with improved features for optimum performance, safety and comfort of passengers.

Okoroafor said, “For now, the transport company would buy up the entire units assembled in its local assembly plant and that the internal demand would still outstrip the supply.

“This is the first such plant by a transport company in Nigeria.”

The statement said the auto plant had helped the PMT fleet’s renewal effort and contributed significantly to the strategic growth and expansion of the transport company.

According to the statement, the company has at least 65 bus terminals across the country and a fleet of at least 4,000, of which 2,000 are on the road ferrying 30,000 passengers across Nigeria every day.



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