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Chinese medical team provides free health care services in Cameroon


The Chinese medical team to Cameroon on Thursday began a two-day campaign to provide free medical services to the people of Bangante, a council in the country’s West region.

More than 200 patients, old and young, gathered in a makeshift but comprehensive clinic, at the council premises, lining up to doctors from various departments who are here as members of the 21st Chinese medical team to Cameroon.

As part of the campaign, the team donated anti-COVID-19 supplies including surgical and face masks and several pieces of personal protective equipment to the Bangante council.

“Thanks to the excellent Sino-Cameroon health cooperation, we decided to invite the Chinese team of experts to help our population,” Eric Niat, mayor of the council, said while officially launching the campaign. “Your actions today reinforce effectively the friendly relationship between our two great nations. Thank you so much,” he added.

The Chinese medical team will continue to strengthen the friendly relations between Cameroon and China, Tian Yuan, head of the team, said while addressing the population that assembled to be consulted and treated.

“We will do our best with love and efforts to help citizens in need,” Tian said. 



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