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Gunmen kill 7 oil construction workers in Imo


 One policeman and six civilians were killed in a gunmen attack on a construction site of an oil and gas plant project in Nigeria’s southern state of Imo, the police said on Tuesday.

   The deceased were on their way to the oil plant project under construction when they were ambushed by gunmen in Assa, a community in the Ohaji-Egbema local government area of Imo on Monday, said Michael Abattam, a spokesman for the police in that state.

   The motive of the attack was unclear, Abbatam told Xinhua on the phone.

   “We (the police) have now put the necessary measures in place to guard all workers in that area because it is prone to attacks,” the police officer said.

   The gunmen fled after unleashing mayhem on the construction workers but the police have launched a search for them, he added.

   There have been a series of gunmen attacks in Nigeria in recent months, leading to deaths and kidnappings. 



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