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TNL launches new Starlet mini sub-compact SUV


Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL) has unveiled the new Toyota Starlet mini subcompact SUV to the delight of its dealers, customers, and the general public.

The launch event was held at TNL’s corporate headquarters in Lekki, Lagos during the week, with funfare and attendees were briefed on the fine points of the product, test-drive it and make enquiries about the new vehicle.

The Managing Director of TNL, Mr. Kunle Ade-Ojo said the introduction of the new Toyota Starlet was a response to the yearnings of their numerous customers.

Kunle Ade-Ojo, who was represented by TNL General Manager, Corporate Services, Mr. Bunmi Onafowokan, stated that the new elegant Starlet was built with quality and style in mind.

Kunle Edo-Ojo said, “The STARLET is our response to the yearnings of our customers that have over the years demanded an entry vehicle. It is an elegant vehicle imbued with the Quality, Durability, Reliability and Style that the Toyota brand stands for. The vehicle in its own right is a mini subcompact SUV and it comes with 150,000 kilometres or 5 years warranty; whichever comes first. There are three variants of the 1.4 litre engine to cater to the preferences and pockets of the target segment. The available variants are Entry grade, Mid grade and High grade.”

According to him, “Quality after-sales service is an essential component of our business value chain. We have consciously continued to improve on our after-sales service delivery and bringing such services closer to our teeming customers. In a few months’ time, we would commission our world-class Certified Service Centre (CSC) at Isolo, Lagos. This facility has a body and paint section, a workshop and a parts section among other services available. With all sense of responsibility, I wish to note that this Centre is second-to-none in Nigeria when compared to others, on the pedestal of equipment, highly trained manpower and exceptional service delivery. It is expedient to add at this juncture that this unique Centre is a fertile training ground for our dealers’ Technicians to gain hands-on experience. Toyota (Nigeria) Limited will not only continue to invest in the Nigerian Automobile Industry but also align with the aspirations of the Nigerian government to revolutionize the local Industry.

“Year 2021 marks our 25th year of being in the automobile business in Nigeria. It is going to be marked quietly while thanking God for bringing us thus far as our investments and our dealers spread across Nigeria. Let me again quickly seize the opportunity to tender our unreserved appreciation to our loyal customers who have kept us in business. Our promise to you is to continue to surmount the horizons of technology in order to deliver unrivaled services to you as we both journey on the uncharted routes ahead. The best is yet to come.”

While fielding questions from dealers and auto journalists, Marketing Manager, TNL, Andrew Ajuyah said that the new starlet has three models, including: entry-grade, mid-grade and high-grade, stating that the vehicle’s prices are between N9.4 million and N11 million, which is for the top of the range.

On the differences between each variant, Ajuyah said, “All the models don’t have the same specifications. However, the new Starlet was introduced late 2019-2020, but TNL could not introduce it in Nigeria because of the outbreak of COVID-19 disease.”

Historically, Starlet was introduced in 1973 as a coupe and was marketed till 1999. Then it was popular and lauded for its quietness.

The first generation spanning 1973-1999, known as Publica Starlet, was discontinued in 1999 while the second generation reigned from 1978-1984 with lots of improvements.

The third generation from 1984-1989, characterised by body improvement while the 4th generation from 1989-1996 was known for its CAD body and fuel efficiency.

The fifth generation, from 1996-1999 with improved power steering, central lock system, good speakers, and the production of the vehicle at that period.

However, the latest Toyota Starlet mini subcompact SUV has modern technological innovations which imbibe safety, convenience, quality and value for money with core Toyota DNA.

Other attributes include: enhanced body design, mini subcompact SUV style, luxury package, easy to manoeuvre, top class safety and green friendly accessories.

The body design is developed with Total Effective Control Technological Design (TECT), the structure is supported with high steel. Offering advanced safety, the new Starlet with 1.4 litre engine has multi point injection components, 37 litre capacity with good height in terms of ground clearance.

The exterior is equipped with chrome front grille for bold appeal, rear combination lamps and is retractable outside.

In the interior, there is provision for touchscreen audio, steering switch with cruise control, power window, among others.



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