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NIGERIA: Learn from bad history of ethnic superiority claims


Nigeria is building closely towards a grossly unequal setting, both economically and culturally.
When societies go that way unchecked, the next stop is an explosion or implosion.
If we would look back at history, what eventually boiled over and culminated in the Rwanda genocide is a widening inequality where people that claimed superiority stuck to their guns and rebuffed the calls for change by the victims.
In Rwanda was the infamous Buhake Institution that stratified the society into three classes that unwittingly got into an unwritten pact where the Tutsi were the superior, rulers and commanders of the economy.
The Hutu were the next in ranking while the Twa were the least.
The three, by Buhake structure should live in a cooperative and never competitive setting where the lower class owed the Tutsi allegiance and servitude and should never contest it.
When the Hutu and Twa started questioning this setting, the Tutsi felt those two were being silly and must be shut up and shut down.
The persistence of the two divides of the oppressor and the oppressed to stand their grounds is what led to the genocide that peaked in 1994 with close to one million deaths from both divides though with one suffering more casualty than the other.
In Nigeria, class inequality has not been a force to elicit change but it seems the cultural cleavages would fasten an implosion.
That’s the reason some people dominating Nigeria now through a clearly lopsided government domination in favour of the Fulani ethnic group by the deliberate policy of President Muhammadu Buhari should tread cautiously and wisely.
The policy may not be an ethnic group-wide agenda much as previous presidents of Nigeria of the same Fulani extraction never came close to such narrow straits. But whereas it is not the Fulani ethnic group agenda, the members of the group enjoy the gross benefits as they never complain or ask the champion of the system to do otherwise, apart from the very few.
Some people should be told in very plain language that the human species has come so much of age that NO PEOPLE accept to be subservient any longer.
If the black race would stand up to the marauding and criminal whites over a 100 years ago, it is too late for anyone to think he can take a ride of other races of Nigeria and enjoy some peace.
Nigeria is not a class conscious society but ethnically charged and over conscious. So, those things that were glossed over and taken for granted at the class levels would easily ignite sparks into flames when they touch on ethnic identities.
Condoning the wrongs of some over the other depending on the ethnic group they belong to is heightening. Over punishing some and over indulging others depending on their identity has been a culture since 2015.
Therefore, whoever loves Nigeria and preaches unity or mouths that Nigeria is indivisible should first caution and check this ethnic superiority acts and claims now.
This policy of the present government may consume Nigeria if not stopped. Denying the fact wouldn’t do much to stop the reactions of the oppressed.
It would make no sense denying its existence while the country dies.
Forced unity mouthed in the media doesn’t create unity
Even anger or what we choose to call incitement doesn’t stop until what causes the anger is checked.
Best way to love Nigeria and preserve her is calling for a stop to this deliberate inequality as nobody is willing to be the other’s water carrier and wood hewer today.
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