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You’ll rubbish your image if you join APC, 100s of Nigerian netizens warn GEJ


If President Goodluck Jonathan listens to public opinion and reads the feeds from his Facebook, he would stand far from the rumoured plan to join the APC.

On Thursday, Jonathan who has a following of 2.3 million people on his confirmed Facebook account made a harvest of warnings and pleas to him never to join the APC as popularly trending.

The former President between 2010 and 2015 posted two photos of himself and some African leaders and captioned it that he was “in Ghana with the ECOWAS mediation team for the extraordinary session of the authority of the Heads of Governments called to review recent political developments in the sub-region (sic).”

He added, “I am pleased that West African leaders have continued to work for peace and progress in ECOWAS.”

Within three hours of this post, it had garnered 787 comments, and looking through them, over 560 of the posts warned and advised him against joining the APC.

The same post had also attracted over 6,500 likes and 201 shares.

But quite conspicuous are the warnings and expressions of love for the former president and also making him understand that he accepting the offer to join the APC and run for the presidency in 2023 would be a wrong decision that will attract him the equal amount of hatred as the admiration he enjoys with the people today.

Many of the fans reminded him that there is no greater gain and honour he would get as president again that would compare with the global acclaim of today, reminding him that they suspect the APC deliberately plans to lure him over and rubbish his reputation.

One of the comments said: “Your Excellency, maintain this global lofty and cherished status of yours. Stay far from the APC. Don’t join them. There is no president you will be again that will compare with your current international reputation and standing. Don’t yield to this temptation targeted to rubbish you. But if you eventually do, the volume of love and acclaim you receive would turn to hate. We will distance you and they will totally mess up your image.”

Another follower, Precious Tristan Ndimele said: “You are doing a good work, but avoid APC and their antics.”

Victor Kalat Ago pointed out: “Sir, I read about the APC luring you for the presidential ticket for 2023. If you accept it, you will rubbish yourself and your legacy. Don’t even think about it sir. Meanwhile, keep doing the good work.”

Sampson Obinna Jeffrey added some humour to it and enthused: “They say you may join the joy killer (APC) soon. How true is it…if it becomes true just know that it’s over between us, and don’t call my line again. I don’t associate with those who associate with joy killers.”

One particular friend of the politician, Bob Olukoya took his time and wrote: “This is now your role till the creator calls time on you. You are an international statesman, a peacemaker, with the permanent appellation of ex-President. You will never stand as Buhari’s candidate, neither will you present yourself as front runner for Pantami or El-Rufai (potential VPs for you if they have their way)

When it was not in vogue to support you, some of us stood by you, traversing the length and breadth of Nigeria to open people’s eyes. They called us names, ridiculed us and alleged that you paid us from filthy lucre you allegedly amassed. Now you are being touted as their poster boy/man. One of them even said to me today that “no permanent friends or enemies, but permanent interest.” I countered that GEJ’s mantra was and still is ‘my ambition is not worth the blood of a single Nigerian.’ On that we stand, not on their warped self-serving mantra. You will not let us down. You will continue to stand tall and mould the next generation of Nigerians. Continue to enjoy your retirement and allow the GEJ era remain golden in our hearts.”

Solomon Ebinum just told Jonathan, “His Excellency, continue to make us proud. The rejected stone has become the cornerstone,” as Alexander King Onumara quipped: “It will be a sad tale for your reputation if you join APC. E no go well for your image at all.”

To Victor Emans, the message was simple …if you join APC you will be disgraced,” while Valentine Ebuka Okparanaku added some religious prayer humour to it and declared: “Any spirit of you thinking to join the APC, holy ghost fire.”

Ishaya MrNice Abaku asked: “Oga, is it true that you’ve joined APC? I am asking for a friend, biko. But Nigerians will be highly disappointed in you if that is true.”


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