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Abia group warns against undue pressure on Ikpeazu over successor

Chief Uwaekwe

The Concerned Indigines, Friends and Stakeholders of Abia, a pressure group, has issued a statement to caution against people trying to impose their wish on the governor over his successor.

The notice of caution was signed by the leader of the body, Chief Matthew Uwaekwe in Lagos last weekend in response to what the group says is distraction to the governor from his mandate of leadership of the state.

The body lamented that rather than people aligning with the governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu to deliver the needed leadership to the people, they instead angle for his endorsement of a replacement.

Uwaekwe’s group that regretted the lack lustre leadership of the state since 1999 said the state has not unleashed its potential, reason a state that has Aba, the economic hub of the Igbo nation and Nigeria is in poverty.

“As the state where Aba is located, the enterprise city of Nigeria and the Igbo, distractions and the lack of focus have denied her achieving full potential in development and economic growth even in the present administration.

“That is why the three governors who have each led the state for eight years never achieved much to unleash the best of Abia and the state remains backward without transformation that befits its endowments.”

Uwaekwe’s group decried the poor showing of the state with all the best human capital and attributed that to the penchant of the people close to the governors in the past and present to play politics with the fate of the people rather than give guide on leadership.

He advised the power brokers who have the ears of the governor to support him with good and beneficial advises on how best to lead the state instead of the distraction of who succeeds him. He bemoaned that Abia is lacking in basic infrastructure and amenities and those should be the major concern of leaders.

“Succession campaigns won’t help Abia State now and we don’t want a situation the governor would leave the state where he met it. If we allow that to happen, whoever succeeds him would continue with the tradition of listening to people over succession rather than giving leadership.”

The groups wants leadership of the state to think beyond the self and give ideas and initiatives that would unleash the potential of the state to growth and excellence.

“This is the time for leadership and giving the people the dividends of governance. It is not the time for politicking. We advise all professional politicians in Abia to leave the state and the governor alone and can bring their duty at the right time, even though we want them to know that the only benefit of politics is the delivery of leadership.”

The group said it doesn’t feel happy that while it is still long to select candidates for the next elections, political jobbers have created a huge distraction around the governor, to the detriment of the state.


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