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Nigerian healthcare startup, SageLife Lab signs partnership with Allianz Worldwide Care


SageLife, a startup state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory in Lagos has hit the ground running with a new partnership it signed with German healthcare group, Allianz.

The deal came just about a month after SageLife take-off, an uncommon endorsement of the standard and quality of the service the diagnostic laboratory is set out to render.

Allianz Worldwide Care is one of the largest healthcare HMOs in the entire Europe and beyond.

In a chat with ACE, the chief executive officer of SageLife, Obi Ezeude said the partnership is a huge recognition of the quality of service, class and world standard of the new entrant into the healthcare sector.

He said: “It is a massive endorsement by one of the largest healthcare HMOs in the world. In our modest assessment, the MoU is a good sign that SageLife has what it takes to operate at global standard in diagnostics, a major link in the sector that unfortunately has been missing in Nigeria.”

The letter from Allianz signed by Héberton Diniz, LMPM Manager, Africa on September 21 stated that: “We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Allianz Worldwide Care and SageLife Laboratories Limited as part of their medical service providers in Lagos, Nigeria.

As you may be aware, they provide the best quality services in Health and Wellbeing.

This partnership will surely help us enhance and enrich our business and also provide a better customer experience to our insured members.

This announcement letter is mainly written to let you know that our terms and conditions for our customers remain as they were, and you can now use their services.” 

Ezeude, a major Nigerian investor and industrialist with knack for cultivating new grounds is the brain behind Beloxxi Industries, the largest indigenous biscuits company in Nigeria that makes the household Beloxxi Cream Crackers.

The story of SageLife is akin to that of Beloxxi which he founded when the government of Nigeria banned biscuits import 19 years ago.

Ezeude said that from his experience accessing healthcare outside Nigeria, what actually retards the growth of the sector locally is poor diagnosis, and diagnosis is the starting point for quality, focused and productive healthcare.

Already, different sectors, companies and experts have been extending their approval of SageLife after visiting the facility stocked with best tech equipment in healthcare services.


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