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UNGA76: Xi pledges $100m support to COVAX, 100m vaccine doses to poorer countries

File photo of President Xi addressing the UN General Assembly


Chinese president, Xi Jinping has challenged the world to think towards greater and more decisive steps towards global development at the post Covid-19 era.

In concrete terms of support, he announced that the country will boost the World Health Organisation joint COVAX project with financial aid of USD100m. in addition, [resident Xi pledged another 100 million doses of China-developed Covid-19 vaccine tp the developing countries who on their own would not develop or produce vaccines for the their population.

Xi made the call in his address to the world at the United Nations General Assemby going on in New York, USA right now.

In his address, Xi, one of the three most powerful leaders in gthe world tasked the UN and all world leaders that “we must revitalize the economy and pursue more robust, greener and more balanced global development.”

Prior to this pledge, China had laid a foundation for a vaccine factory in Serbia two weeks ago that is meant to start the production of vaccine in April 2022 at a volume of three million a month.

China also introduced similar projects in nine other countries including Egypt, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and another country in Asia.

He said that “development holds the key to people’s well-being. Facing the severe shocks of COVID-19, we need to work together to steer global development toward a new stage of balanced, coordinated and inclusive growth. To this end, I would like to propose a Global Development Initiative.”

He noted that it should be a task to the world to “stay committed to development as a priority. We need to put development high on the global macro policy agenda, strengthen policy coordination among major economies, and ensure policy continuity, consistency and sustainability.

We need to foster global development partnerships that are more equal and balanced, forge greater synergy among multilateral development cooperation processes, and speed up the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

Revisiting his earlier call last year May at the World Health Conference of helping the entire world have access to Covid-19 vaccines. The Chinese leader tasked the stringer countries to work more on the agenda.

“I have stressed on many occasions the need to make vaccines a global public good and ensure vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries. Of pressing priority is to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of vaccines globally,” she called again.

Buttressing his stance, he assured that “China will strive to provide a total of two billion doses of vaccines to the world by the end of this year. In addition to donating 100 million US dollars to COVAX, China will donate 100 million doses of vaccines to other developing countries in the course of this year.

China will continue to support and engage in global science-based origins tracing, and stands firmly opposed to political maneuvering in whatever form.”


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