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Commercial bus owners suspend services in Ebonyi over ‘govt sponsored vandalism’


A statement by the body of owners of mass transit companies in Nigeria has announced the suspension of its services in Ebonyi State.

The notice signed by the chairman of the body, Gregory Inyaba said “the blacklisting of Ebonyi State followed unprovoked attacks since Tuesday on staff and facilities, particularly vehicles of members by cultists and thugs engaged by the Ebonyi State Government officials.”
Due to this unfortunate development, the union said “commercial transport operators across Nigeria have resolved to withdraw their services from all parts of Ebonyi State, beginning tomorrow, Thursday, October 07, 2021.
”Several staff of transport companies in the state capital have been decapitated and numerous vehicles damaged, some beyond repair, since attacks by government approved thugs began the onslaught against transporters on Tuesday. 

“Inyaba, said the attacks were unprovoked, unwarranted and amounted to open hostility to business and investment, hence the boycott.
He said members of Public Transport Owner Association of Nigeria, were also part of the boycott decision.
He spoke at the end of an emergency meeting of the AMTO executive at the national headquarters of the organisation in Enugu State Capital, on Wednesday.
“From tomorrow, Thursday, October 7, 2021, no commercial vehicle, shall go to Ebonyi or leave the state”, he declared.
“The government of Ebonyi State has asked us to leave the state and we have no choice but leave the state for them henceforth” he said.
Vehicles belonging to members, with passengers, from other states were similarly attacked on Wednesday, a development Chief Inyaba said made the state a dangerous, a hostile ground to commercial vehicles and operators.
“How can you attack vehicles coming into Ebonyi with passengers from other states?” he queried. “It means we can’t bring in people in safety and comfort, and that is declaration of hostility,” he added.
The body declared that their members should “not load passengers from anywhere to Ebonyi State, and members who are inside Ebonyi State must not load passengers out of the state, no matter the circumstances.”


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