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Afri-China Media joins Belt and Road media partnership of 42 int’l agencies


The Afri-China Media Centre, publishers of the Africa China Economy (ACE) Magazine has been inducted into the global media pool and partnership of countries that are state parties of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

The BRI is a global diplomatic integration, a flagship framework of China’s multilateralism that was inaugurated in May 2017 in Beijing.

The BRI is implemented through a series of international integration and networks including the Belt and Road Economic Information Partnership (BREIP), initiated by the Chinese News Agency, Xinhua.

BREIP is a an aggregation of 42 media agencies worldwide cutting across all continents, and Afri-China Media through its publication, ACE is the second Nigerian media oganisation after the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in the group.

In fact, ACE is one of the few private media groups in the pool that is mainly populated by country’s news agencies.

The Editor-in-Chief of the ACE, Ikenna Emewu said the induction of the media group into such a global media pool from various continents is an affirmation of the standing, recognition and impact of the ACE in its objective.

He assured that ACE would sustain its professional reputation and make quality contributions that would benefit the BRInfo group and help project its ideals to a larger global audience.

After series of induction processes that require authentication of professional standing of a media organisation, ACE that got listed through reference from experts and organisations in China that have known it over time, was confirmed as a member and partner.

A brand going worldwide

The membership confirmation notice conveyed to ACE Saturday stated that the media group with major focus on furthering Africa/Nigeria-China economic and other integration, using information dissemination has been adjudged fit for membership.

The mail asserted: “Welcome to join the BREIP and we hope we can carry out various cooperation in the future. We have opened an FTP account for Afri-China Media Centre to upload and share information on BRInfo, the information sharing platform of BREIP.”

BREIP “is established jointly by news agencies, information service agencies, institutions, and business associations, etc., in countries along the Belt and Road routes, with the aim to promote communication and cooperation among the countries along the Belt and Road routes through information services.

“Members of BREIP can cooperate in fields such as proprietary information exchange, channel interconnection, product agency, and special consultation. In order to facilitate information sharing and communication under the BREIP, China Economic Information Service under Xinhua News Agency built the BRInfo. The platform applies natural language processing (NLP) technology and adopts functions such as information gathering analysis, hot topic aggregation and customized tracking to provide users with intelligent and customized services.” 


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