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Anambra: Intersociety demands sack of INEC ICT director


The Intsresociety, a human rights pressure group in Onitsha has called for the immediate sack of the Director of ICT of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chidi Nwafor over the gross failure of the use of card readers to conduct the Anambra State gubernatorial election.

The group in a statement by the leader, Emeka Umeagbalasi accused Nwafor of what he called high-tech rigging and alleged collusion with phone service providers to frustrate the election.

Umeagablasi said: “The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law is strongly calling for the immediate sack of Mr. Chidi Nwafor, INEC’s National Director of ICT for colluding with principal national network providers to engage in high tech rigging of the Anambra governorship election through perpetration of mass failure and malfunctioning of Bi-modal Voter Accreditation System machines in many, if not most of the polling centers across the State. The BVAS’s mass failure or malfunctioning of same has rigged out over 70% of the courageous voters that had come out to be electronically captured to vote.

We have gathered from many, if not most of the polling booths in the State and across the State’s three senatorial districts, 326 wards and 5,720 polling centers that failure of the BVAS machines is widespread and has forced over 70% of the voters not to be captured; thereby rubbishing the popularity and credibility of the entire exercise and paving way for the long rumored rigging and preparation of ground for declaration and imposition of an unpopular and unacceptable candidate as the next “Anambra Governor-Elect”.

It also credibly appears that the rigging is a high tech one spearheaded by the INEC’s ICT done in conspiracy with some principal national network providers. It must be remembered that the same Chidi Nwafor was at the center of strong accusation back in November 2017 Anambra Governorship Poll during which the Commission controversially announced whopping 8,540 voters as “having been accredited but did not vote”; only for the number to be discovered later to have emanated from criminally uploaded procured PVCs as “validly cast votes” who were not matchably and criminally thump-printed to match the number of the massively procured and criminally uploaded PVCs. 

Therefore, it is our strong call on INEC to sack its ICT National Director and cancel and repeat the poll so as to give same the credibility and popularity it deserves. INEC must also  reverse this high tech rigging and find alternatives to the massive failure of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System so that voters in the State can vote massively and conscientiously. 

Specially commended are the Anambra voters who doggedly and courageously defied the security threats all over the State’s political and electoral spaces to to come out so as to vote the candidates of their choice only to be massively failed and disappointed by the Commission. This is more so when there are few hours to the end of the charade Poll with uncertainties still hanging around over 70% of the intended voters.” 


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