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Kanu’s lawyers walk out on court as DSS clampdown is unrelenting


The insistence on warding off lawyers, journalists and observers by the Nigerian security system especially the Department of State Security (DSS) from the first day the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu was arraigned caused a misunderstanding at the Wednesday continuation of the trial.

The development turned worse on Wednesday when Kanu’s team of lawyers walked out of the court prior to the entry of the judge, Binta Nyako.

The walk out was in protest of the stiff refusal of the DSS to allow lawyers to Kanu into the courtroom. One of the lawyers refused entry was Bruce Fein, Kanu’s counsel from the US whom the IPOB leader said is his counsel in a matter he filed in the US and is in Nigeria to witness his trial that has a link with the matter in US.

Kanu was allowed by the judge to briefly address the court which he told his displeasure that the same lawyer was stopped by the DSS from seeing him in custody against the ruling of the court that Kanu should be allowed access to some people, including his lawyers.

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, lead counsel to Kanu had argued with the DSS operatives on the need to allow his legal team in including the US lawyer, Fein.

Since the DSS stood their ground, Ejiofor left the court. When Nyako resumed sitting, the prosecutor, MD Abubakar asked the court to dismiss an application by Kanu’s team arguing that they leaving the court amounted to abandoning the application earlier filed.

Justice Nyako asked Kanu if he was ready to handle the proceedings without his lawyers, which he declined.

Outside the courtroom, Ejiofor told journalists that he had filed a contempt process against the Director General of the DSS for flouting an order of the court that Kanu’s lawyers and others should be allowed to see him and wanted the matter heard, but was resisted.

Ejiofor had also filed an objection to challenge the jurisdiction of the court to hear and make decision on the treason charges filed against Kanu by the federal government.

Justice Nyako who later adjourned the trial to January 2022 expressed her displeasure with the action of Kanu’s legal team but refused to make a ruling on the matter.


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