Home Politics Anyim vows to transform Nigeria’s diversity into growth gains

Anyim vows to transform Nigeria’s diversity into growth gains


Anyim Pius Anyim, presidential hopeful of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, has noted that the major challenges of the nation is the inability of leaders to manage its diversities.

He stated this in an interview with an online medium recently. Anyim said that his years of experience in governance in Nigeria, his very deep knowledge of the country, will enable him to run an inclusive government that will build consensus, restore peace, refocus Nigeria and make the country a place that everyone will be proud of.

He boasted that he will give every segment of this country comfort and “I will provide leadership that will understand how to wield our diversities into an asset”. Anyim believes that management of the country diversities is actually central to the success of the country. His confidence in achieving this goal, he said, is buoyed by the fact that he has interacted with various segments of the country and participated in running government that affected every part of the country. With such background, he claims, that he knows the needs of our diverse groups and knows how to put it together for the utmost benefit of the people. The way to go, he explained is to create a policy thrust that will be all inclusive. According to him, “the actual problem of Nigeria is leadership failures to manage our diversities”. He therefore assured that if given the opportunity to rule the country, “I will fix the discordant feelings among various tribes, Regions and ethnic groupings and convert our diversities into assets”. It could be recalled that Anyim faced similar challenges when he assumed the leadership of the national Assembly as president of the Senate. When the office of the president of the Senate was so slippery that successive leaders hardly lasted beyond certain limits, Anyim brought leadership paradigms that ensured the stability of the upper chambers of the parliament till date. The same approach he plans to adopt this time, he said, to stabilise already volatile nation.


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