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That Buhari’s objectionable politics of Abuja rice pyramids


Most times you look at Nigeria, you seem to lose hope of getting things right. This crass politics of President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja on Tuesday commissioning reported rice pyramids is totally in bad taste.
The world has top nine rice producers and all in Asia but Brazil.
China, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam etc sell rice to the whole world and none of us ever saw any media fanfare of the real rice the world consumes.
As at last December, a 50kg bag of rice sold at an average of N30,000 which is higher than the federal minimum wage and almost twice the state range.
When Buhari took over power, there was no rice pyramid and the common man afforded a 50kg bag of rice at about N10,000.
Just because Buhari’s party is angling to retain power in 2023 and compound the hardship in Nigeria, APC has started building rice pyramids when Nigerians go to be bed hungry, watching mirage pyramids beyond their reach.
Years ago in his first tenure, Buhari started a propaganda through Audu Ogbeh that Nigeria exported yam tubers which most were rejected as rotten and returned here.
Buhari is really playing politics with the interest of Nigerians and getting away with it every day.
This is objectionable as we know the rice we saw on TV would not move from the mystery pyramids to the markets of Abuja for the hungry millions to buy and feed their famished families. It’s a disgrace.
From the pyramids, the borrowed rice from where ever would vanish while poor Nigerians, a number that keeps increasing, live with hunger with basic foods beyond the reach of the poor.

At the last count, Nigeria retained her inglorious position of the most poverty-stricken country of the world, no compliments to the Buhari’s regime that has tenaciously pursued a policy of impiverishing the people.
We wonder where Buhari and APC got the rice from to create the political pyramids when bandits and Boko Haram have been killing thousands of farmers and stopping them from farming since 2015 he came to power.


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