Home Trade China Africa trade grows to record $254b in 2021

China Africa trade grows to record $254b in 2021


Two-way China Africa trade surged last year to a new record high of $254.5 billion, an impressive $67 billion increase from the previous year, 2020 that had a total volume of $187 billion.

This was released by China’s Administration for Customs last week.

Last year’s supply chains and other economic disruptions brought by the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t bring any noticeable and measurable impacts on the trade volume and flow of the two worlds, as the authorities disclosed.

The figure was also tweeted by the Director-General of the African Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Wu Peng on his official handle.

The trade had 35.3% growth year on year.

Also, China’s imports rose 43.7%, which is 13.8% higher than exports, which also rose by 29.9%.


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