Home News Buhari tasks security agencies to leverage 5G technology to improve security

Buhari tasks security agencies to leverage 5G technology to improve security


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday directed all the security institutions to immediately leverage the 5G technology, when deployed, to enhance security in the country.

   Buhari, while launching the national policy on 5G for Nigeria’s digital economy, said the government will take full advantage of the opportunities that the 5G technology provides for the economy, security, and well-being of the nation.

   “It will enable our security institutions to effectively deploy robotics, autonomous vehicles, augmented and virtual reality to address any security challenges that we face,” the Nigerian leader said at the launch of the policy, which was presented and approved by the country’s cabinet council in September 2021.

   Buhari said the 5G technology will also support security institutions with real-time communication, noting the technology is significantly faster than earlier digital technologies while expressing the confidence that the 5G technology can play a key role in boosting efforts toward enhancing security across the nation.

   The national policy on 5G launched Tuesday by the president includes a deployment plan to ensure that major cities across the country benefit from the technologies.

   He added that the policy, which is in line with the commitment of the government to supporting the digital economy as an enabler for the diversification of the national economy, also seeks to make 5G a major driver of the economy, a catalyst for smart cities in the country and a platform for the creation of jobs that support the digital economy. 


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