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Chinese tech giants deploy service to Beijing Winter Olympics officiating with ‘3D+AI’


Chinese tech giants are playing an important role in the tech-backed Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, which is set to kick off on Friday. From training preparations to venue construction, technologies in clean energy, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G have been widely adopted.

Baidu told the Global Times on Friday that through the quantitative analysis of “3D+AI” technology, a series of motion data such as precise sliding speed, flying height, landing distance, and rotation angle can be superimposed with the original picture. The technical difficulty here is that it is not a static image overlay, but is implemented on a high-speed continuous action video, “which will assist referee scoring.” 

Such 3D and AI technologies are also used for ski jumpers. Using virtual reality technology, Baidu said its AI Cloud has been used to reconstruct a 3D 1-to-1 model of the Shougang ski jump platform, a landmark winter sports venue in Beijing. The model allows spectators to gain an up-close view of athletes’ performance from an immersive VR viewpoint.

By employing “3D+AI” technology, Baidu AI Cloud not only renders an athlete’s movement, but also allows spectators to see the details of each movement from 360 degrees. The technology also allows spectators to watch different athletes’ movements side by side, allowing a comparison of technical differences in detail and making it easier to understand complex movements.

AI giant Sensen Times said it supports the construction of a centimeter-level high-precision 3D map of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village in a short period of time through the data association method of GPS and vision fusion and the parameter block optimization method.

Thanks to a number of technological innovations, this smart AR navigation application can maintain an immersive virtual-real fusion effect with accurate positioning and no delay in any location within a 300,000-square-meter area. It will not be affected by complex environments such as buildings, ice and snow. Moreover, the application does not require an independent APP, and can be easily used only with a web browser, according to sohu.com.

AI is also providing more technical support at the Games. AI-powered disinfection robots can clean and disinfect the venues, AI sign language anchors allow hearing-impaired people to enjoy the excitement of the Games and “robot chefs” can cook a wide variety of delicious dishes



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