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Vivo launches new V23 5G and V23e phones in Nigeria


Vivo has launched the V23 5G and V23e smartphones, both sporting outstanding features for front-facing cameras. The V23 5G, a trailblazing smartphone with exceptional photography features for eye-popping portraits and selfies has been packaged with a trendsetting design and high-performance 5G experience.

The V23e on the other hand is taking selfie photography to new heights with a superb 50MP front camera asides its full range of features and innovations.

The V23 5G’s advanced 50MP AF front camera and 8MP super-wide-angle front camera set new standards in camera performance and design elegance. The exterior features a natural yet standout look and feel.

The innovative exterior combines Vivo’s flat frame design with a unique body surface using Fluorite AG technology for an exceptionally soft feel. The V23 5G also features a special color-changing exterior that changes color under direct sunlight.

Demanding consumers, style-conscious trendsetters and high-performance photographers will find the V23 5G provides an ideal combination of design elegance, premium photography features, and 5G performance for gaming as well as mission-critical and resource-intensive apps.

“At vivo, we strive to create the ultimate mobile experience combining innovation, cutting-edge capabilities and style for people who seek daring new ways to express their individuality. The V23 5G delivers exceptional camera capabilities in various aspects for stunning quality selfies and portrait shots, while wrapped in a lightweight, elegant design that is fashionable yet diverse in appeal with its unique color-changing surface,” said Woody, Country Manager, vivo Nigeria.

vivo’s V23e combines one of the industry’s top front cameras, along with cutting-edge innovations in autofocus and various portrait modes, including AI Extreme Night and Multi-Style Portrait. The 50MP AF Front Camera produces selfies with rich colors in high clarity. The new Eye Autofocus tracks individual eyes with outstanding precision, enabling users to capture delightful moments in a flash.

Users can take photos in extremely dark conditions with AI Extreme Night, while the Multi-Style Portrait mode allows users to create more artistic and fun shots. In addition, Dual-View Video enables simultaneous video recording with the front and rear cameras to capture unforgettable moments from both angles with shapes of masks and an adjustable aspect ratio.

Speaking on the V23e, Alex Nwaduba, Marketing Manager Vivo Nigeria, said, “At Vivo, we’re always looking to meet the needs of our users, and there is a growing need for an affordable handset that can deliver a fantastic, everyday selfie experience. V23e is designed to meet this need with its industry-leading front camera and innovation-packed features for those who want to have fun and inject creativity into their self-portraits.”

 Elevating selfies, wide-angle shots and Ultra-Clear Rear Night Camera

The combination of the 50MP AF front camera and 8MP super wide-angle front camera in the V23 5G delivers a range of new features to meet the needs of individuals who demand both style and functionality.

Consumers can now capture hyper-clear portraits with an all-new 50MP AF front camera with a Customized JNV Sensor and autofocus. Amazing night portraits with the Dual Tone Spotlight and front camera’s AI Extreme Night mode allow for better shots in dark lighting. Stylized portraits on the V23 5G are also maximized with the new Party Portrait feature to capture captivating party scenes and the Multi-Style Portrait feature for more fun ways to capture special moments.

Today, the V23 5G can capture super-wide views, even on the front camera, thus solving the pain point of not being able to include everyone in a group selfie photo. The new Natural Portrait feature meets a diverse range of selfie needs with its optional beautification features.

AI algorithms can enhance face details, as well as dual-tone spotlight elements. Low-light night portraits are taken to the next level via the Super Wide-Angle Night Portrait mode that perfectly captures those atmospheric night-time party moments.

Meanwhile, the powerful 64MP rear camera on the new V23e highlights Vivo’s determination to provide users with the finest possible photography experience. Together with the 8MP super wide-angle camera and 2MP macro camera, the device offers a comprehensive set of lenses to capture moments with different settings.

Its Bokeh Flare Portrait offers bokeh with flare effects, improving the appeal of portrait effects in night scenes. Multi-Style Portrait is available on the rear camera of the V23e, giving users the option to add filters, color tone fine-tuning, and bokeh effects for quick touch-ups.


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