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How Sahara Power ensures Lagos doesn’t have electricity


Have you been wondering why the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) is one of the worst in Nigeria regarding performance, its prime upscale market notwithstanding?

The reason is simple. The owners of the IKEDC have their hands on many pies and find a way to trade with your interests, make you pay, give you the least service and make the maximum profit from you.

It is common among Lagos power consumers hooked to the exploitative IKEDC to provide the electricity infrastructure for a private company and at last get no service.

Ask around the areas served by the IKEDC, and you would find that most of the communities pay IKEDC workers to service their electricity lines, buy transformers, install them, bring high tension power lines, and fix repairs.

Such is common among residents of Isolo, Oshodi, Oke Afa, Ejigbo, Jakande Estate, Ajao Estate, Ikeja, etc.

Ironically, when they procure these things, IKEDC workers bill them to put them to use and as the month ends, the consumers still pay electricity bills that are many times outrageous.

The story is about a perfectly private company that the clients pick their bills. We are discussing something akin to you, a phone user repairing the lines and facilities for Globacom, MTN, Airtel, etc and still paying for the service.

The next very apt observation is that IKEDC most times supply the electricity in the residential areas in the day on the day they feel like. At night, when the consumers are back from work, the light goes off.

Conversely, at the business areas, IKEDC supplies power at night mainly when the users would have closed for the day and severe access during the day.

The trick is that the business areas must rely on alternative power supply through their generators in the day. The residents do the same at night to light their homes. Why is it so? Consumers will have to buy fuel to power these generators. And how does the IKEDC gain from that?

It is simple!

IKEDC is a subsidiary of the Sahara Power Group that also has a major stakeholding in the Egbin Power Plant. That implies that Sahara generates and distributes electricity and in addition, imports and sells petrol and diesel.

So, when they withhold power and make you to buy fuel, the likelihood is that the fuel you buy for your generator is from Sahara sales. So, they save energy they generate at Egbin, frisk and defraud you through the IKEDC and goad you to buy their petroleum products

On the company’s official LinkedIn account, it admitted that “Sahara is a dynamic leader in various energy sub-sectors via its Power (Generation and Distribution assets), downstream, midstream and upstream businesses.

Sahara Power operates Egbin Power Plc-The largest thermal power plant in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as other generation and distribution assets, with ongoing expansion plans across the continent to achieve Sahara Group’s vision of lighting up Africa.”

It also prides itself on being a leading international energy and infrastructure conglomerate with operations in over 42 countries across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. ”

Sahara Power investment of $200m in the Egbin power plant made big news in June 2018 that even got the commendation of the NNPC for that investment that revived the power generating company.

Not long ago, it  announced “investing some $3b in Nigeria with substantial stakes in Egbin Power Plant and the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company.”

I hope with this explanation, you would have come to terms with how the IKEDC, standing in for its mother company, Sahara, rips you off and makes you pay all around without actually getting the service you paid for.

This loss you incur is the profit of Sahara and all its agents. Even when the statutes are against a power generating company also being into distribution, Sahara knows its way around the power corridors to get things done.


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