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It’s outrage against Jonathan on Facebook as Nigerian ask him not to run


In just 15 minutes after President Goodluck Jonathan shared a post on his verified Facebook wall, over 680 Nigerians have inundated him with angry responses.

The former president post the status Thursday afternoon and said:

“Today, in Dakar, Senegal, at the opening ceremony of a two-day Sub-regional Dialogue on Sustaining Democratic Principles in West Africa, organised by the West African Elders Forum (WAEF).

I joined other leaders and stakeholders in the sub-region to examine ways of deepening democracy, peaceful transfer of power, improving governance and addressing the issue of unconstitutional change of government in the sub-region.GEJ”

This post seems to have unlocked the floodgate of anger, advice and displeasure about the news of him joining the APC on Wednesday in his native Otuoke Ogbia in Bayelsa State.

The responses unsparingly cautioned Jonathan against any attempt of his to join the APC or contest for the presidency in 2023.

Apart from the gratuitous advice, most of the over 2.3 million followers of the page expressed their anger in a tone that shows they already have accepted the news that Jonathan has joined the APC and also concluded plans to run in the 2023 presidential contest.

At the moment of looking through the account, the post had got 1,500 reactions, 137 shares and about 689 comments.

One of the comments read: “If it’s true that you joined APC yesterday in Otuoke then you have lost me, Your Excellency. Immediately I confirm that or you join the presidential race with destroyer Buhari, forget it, sir. Off I go. Not just on Facebook, I won’t vote for you and will tell all that I influence their thinking not to vote for you.”

Another follower, Osharevemu Oodirioghene Robinson wrote: “Well done for the good and great democratic process you are preaching and entrenching in West Africa sub-region. Please, sir, use this moment and opportunity to address the international press on all the rumours and speculations over your involvement in the 2023 presidential candidacy on the platform of APC.”

Merry Triple A Adeola   

This page is in a mess. It used to be warm before. Please, resist the pressure, stand upright and don’t be embarrassed.”

Isaac Audu-ogoja Jnr

Your Excellency sir, you reserve the right to make your choice in your present call to contest the 2023 elections. But it is very important that you give deep protracted thoughts on your personal gains and the collective loss of your teeming admirers whom I believe you draw your strength from. The question your excellency sir is: are you being dragged into the race to serve the country or you are accepting the offer to prove a point? I believe your honour is your faith in not just the country but as well your followers. God bless you, sir.

Christopher Chinedum

My respected President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

I would like you not to contest for any presidency in Nigeria. They don’t know your value when you are in leadership, so everybody has to pay for it. Continue with your good work. You are already blessed. Nigeria will dent your reputation

Kene Ozojiofor

It will be honourable for you to openly endorse the turn of south-east for president in 2023 in all fairness, equity and good judgment. It will give you more respect than trying to rubbish your image.

Ihegazie Chukwu

But they are telling us here that you have joined the incompetent party, APC. Be real and tell us the correct situation of things.

Gen Paschal

This is no news. Come out as a man and clear yourself tho e no matter, we can’t vote you tho.

Onoja Gideon

He is deploying Obasanjo’s kind of strategy. After Obj had finalized plans for tenure elongation,he jetted out of the country and when the issue came up, people were confused saying but baba is not in the country now.

GEJ should forget all these Mali, Senegal and Burundi movements and stay home to campaign…

Wan Kefas

How can Jonathan be in senegal and in his village defecting to APC at the same time? All these people spreading fake news should come and explain.

David Aimeya Kings

Baba, are you now omnipresent?

You cannot be in Senegal and your village at the same time.

Baba, please clear the air regarding the APC decamping rumour we are hearing

Taiwo Peter Arowolo

My Former President GEJ. Please, do not accept any offer to be presidential candidate of any political party right now.

Be an elder stateman that you are. Do not allow anyone to tarnish your good name. Let them solve the problems they have created for Nigerians. You can however give advice when necessary. Thank you sir

Ezekiel Kundila

Keep doing the good work sir. God will continue to keep you. We also plead that you should consider not re-contesting for the seat of the president. We believe the story we are hearing are fake. Thank you sir. God bless you

Jonah Asanye

Please Sir don’t let us down, leave APC alone. They are useless persons, they are the same people that ganged up against you in 2015. Please don’t shame us sir

Joshua Ajibola

Congratulations sir, more grace.. please that APC news of a thing we are hearing should be a rumour..I believe you won’t degrade your standard to that level… your present status is more than that of a president of a country.

Matthew Ubeh

This is not what Nigerians wants to hear. Address the nation wherever you are.”

To this another, who seem to speak in his favour replied”

Udeorji Moses Chimauchem

Matthew Ubeh You hear whatever you want to hear. GEJ is doing what he is doing. How can he be there and be here and the same time. This man is too busy to reply every nonsense.

Mailafiya Abashiya

Dear,Your excellency. I heard that you finally joined APC evil political party, and accepted the forms bought for you by the bandits?

May Ebute

They said you joined the APC and you have accepted the nomination form that herdsmen bought for you with blood money. Is it a true or is it a untrue?

Engr Prince Domtec

I respect you much H. E, but is it not better you release a press statement to quench this doubt of you running for 2023 presidency under platform of APC or not?

Olamidipupo Folorunsho Adelaja

I think it’s very clear for anyone with discerning inner eye to see that the body language of GEJ is towards coming back as a president under APC.  But I believe he’s old and mature enough to know right from wrong. He’s gonna mess the little regard he has because of the way he handled the election matter in 2015 and and fritter away the goodwill he has accumulated over the years over his unnecessary yearning for power. Or is he that detached not to see what most folks are seeing?

VictorAkan Ette

Nigerians are gradually losing interest in you sir. Please don’t let that happen by accepting to tarnish all the international accolades you have gathered since you taught them that you were better than them

Elijah Mkparah

Your Excellency sir, while you are away from the country some charlatan APC propagandists are busy flooding the social media with lame rumours of you as official member of APC. Shame on them.

You’re one politician with a clean soul who never involved in dirty politics even when he has the chance. Those behind every move to rubbish your personality and reputation will continue to be ashamed and in shock of your continuous progress.

Abaziem Okechukwu Kingsley

Sir please don’t join APC, they don’t mean well for Nigeria.

Charles Abayomi

Nobody is interested in your assignment in Dakar! We want to know your position about you joining the APC and contesting for the presidency! I don’t think that is in your own best interest!!

Douye Asingbi

Congratulations sir!!  All the rumours against you are unfounded and I am happy you are teaching them the real deal about leadership!!

Efetobor Simeon O’tega

I am not sure GEJ reads his messages himself, perhaps his desperate aides who want to return to Aso Rock won’t tell him how we don’t want him to soil himself by contesting for president.

Terjam Pinnacle

Good day sir, I think the hide and seek game is long over due now, tell us in clear terms let’s understand with you. It’s your constitutional right. Anyway, weldon sir.

Abraham Eyeta Onoghuvwun

More grace sir. Please, don’t contest for presidential position. Remain neutral. Those who  betrayed you in 2015 are now calling you to come and contest. What do you want again? God has blessed you.


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