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Nigeria, Benin Republic sign agreement on Seme-Krake joint order post


Nigeria and Benin Republic have decided to invite the private sector to run the Seme-Krake joint border post to facilitate trade between the two countries and sub-regional communities.

Eric Ojiekwe, director, press and public relations at the federal ministry of transportation, disclosed this in a communique released after the ministerial meeting on the operationalisation of the Seme/Krake joint border post.

He said the two countries agreed to address the challenges mitigating the smooth operation of the border post.

The challenges, the two countries said, would be addressed within two years.

Ojiekwe said the highlight of the occasion was the signing of the bilateral agreement on the operationalisation of the joint border post.

Gbemisola Saraki, minister of state for transportation, signed on behalf of the Nigerian government while Romuald Wadagni, Benin Republic’s minister of economy and finance, signed on behalf of his country.

In October 2018, the joint border post was inaugurated by the presidents of both countries.

The Seme-Krake border is between Benin and Nigeria, about 37 km from Cotonou on the principal coastal road between Cotonou and Lagos, Nigeria.

Seme is a part of Ouéme department in Benin. The seme-Krake joint border is one of the busiest boundary lines in Africa, daily recording the huge movement of persons, goods and services.

The joint border post was funded by European and multilateral contributions and is equipped with state-of-the-art scanners, a weighbridge and modern offices for customs and immigration officials.

The seme-Krake border (juxtaposed zone) is secured by all units of both national customs and police authorities (Benin and Nigeria).

Passing goods and trucks must be inspected by the national police and customs agents.



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