Home Politics Biden’s vow to attack China over Taiwan draws anger from Americans

Biden’s vow to attack China over Taiwan draws anger from Americans

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a joint news conference with Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida after their bilateral meeting at Akasaka Palace in Tokyo, Japan, May 23, 2022. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

It has been a harvest of disagreement, anger, and rage against President Joe Biden of the US after he told the media in Japan that his country is ready to take up arms against China over Taiwan.

Most of the anger is actually from his countrymen who saw the statement as reckless as some of them say Biden hasn’t a mind of his own and was being dictated to by another somewhere via an earpiece he wore, in the response.

In America however, the president doesn’t have the final power to declare war or take on another country militarily.

After President Richard Nixon invaded Cambodia in 1971, Americans were outraged and that led to the Congress making a law that only takes the endorsement of the Congress before the country takes military action overseas.

American Congress in November 1973 passed the War Power Act to curtail such further presidential abuses.

in Japan at a media parley on the second leg of Biden’s Asian trip, he made the statement that has outraged many, especially in his country. He had first called on South Korea where he met the new president before proceeding to Tokyo.

During the chat, this short dialogue ensued:

Journalists: You didn’t want to get involved militarily in Ukraine for obvious reason, when it comes to Taiwan, are you willing to do that?

Biden: Yes.

Journalist: You are?

Biden: Pauses. That’s a commitment we made. That’s a commitment we made. You know we agree with the One China policy, but the idea that it has to be taken by force is not just appropriate, it makes it look like the Ukraine case.”

This comment by President Biden during the chat with the media has drawn the ire of the world that says no.

On the ABC News Instagram, an American platform, almost all the 198 responses at the time of filing this report disagreed with Biden.

Most of them, Americans are more concerned with what Biden should do to fix America rather than soliciting war in other lands.

Many of them took a swipe at him for losing nothing to plunge America into another war and waste money as he does in Ukraine. Such argued that Biden doesn’t lose a thing after a current very abysmal rating at home.

Some rather concluded that Biden who wore a black earpiece was rather listening to someone somewhere who dictates to him what to answer.

After he had said an emphatic ‘yes’, and the journalist re-emphasised the question, Biden paused, as if to get listen to someone for some seconds, after which he started explaining that it was a commitment the US made. That was when he explained that Washington believes in the One China policy.

On the BBC Instagram platform, the over 382 comments at the time of this report followed the same pattern as the ABC, many of them disagreed and questioned his business and profit in more wars.

Some reminded that he had made Ukraine a similar promise during the build-up to hostilities.

Another cautioned Taiwan never to rely on what Biden said and confront China as they would be disappointed like Ukraine.

Another follower said: “Joe Biden thinks he can do anything…just see all videos where he seems to lose his mind by shaking a hand that doesn’t even exist.”

One other was less pretentious and said: “It means they want to suggest to China to attack Taiwan. That is the same as Russia and Ukraine.”

The next comment scorned “like how they intervened for Ukraine.”

Yet, one other follower warned “Taiwan should not take American promises as the gospel truth. I hope they see how America has ruined Ukraine once a beautiful country with a stable economy.”


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