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Time 30m Igbo voters dealt with their 5 betrayers



Igbo of 5 states had 95 delegates at the PDP congress since each LGA had a representative.
With this number, notice that Anyim, Obi, Ohuabunwa, Anakwenze, etc didn’t take their nationwide sensitization to the South East

They knew of the enmity waiting for them at home from the pharisees who refuse to contest and refuse to support their contesting brothers.
Imo – Emeka Ihedioha bluffed all of them because he wanted all the delegates of the state to vote for Tambuwal. Ihedioha has seen how Tambuwal ended the race in defence of his North and Fulani.
Ebonyi – Sam Egwu made sure he sustained a war to frustrate Anyim’s ambition to Atiku’s favour. The state governor also assisted in sowing irreconcilable rancour in the party to his favour in the APC. As of last midnight, National Assembly primaries of the party hadn’t held in the state. The state has a polarised and heavily divided PDP. They sold the delegates to Atiku.
Abia – Okezie Ikpeazu made sure he hijacked the party even in his gross shameful and legendary failure and all prominent members have shipped out. He sold Abia delegates votes to Wike
Enugu – Ugwuanyi fenced himself round and pushed others out and delegates votes went to Atiku and Saraki.
Anambra – PDP from the national level, as a ploy to frustrate Peter Obi, handed the party structure to Chris Uba. They also voted outsiders while even non-Igbo Nigerians feel the Igbo deserve to produce the next president
That’s why all the aspirants from South East won a total 16 delegates votes out of their 95 delegates from the zone.
We can all see that the call for political equity to the Igbo to produce the next president is not the concern of our politicians who target person gains for today.
Peter Obi didn’t wait for the disaster to happen to him and opted out of the PDP race early.

That was a very smart political move that turned the tide against PDP, while his large and soaring image turned a national movement, overnight.

If Obi had waited for this disgrace in PDP, two things would have happened to his political status.

Statutorily, he would have lost the chance to contest for the ticket of another party and secondly, his political high standing would have been diminished and his light dimmed.
All we need to do now is to get our PVC, get ourselves ready to teach all the South East PDP leaders the lesson of their lives by VOTING MASSIVELY IN PROTEST for Obi.
That’s the only way anybody in the streets of Nigeria or anywhere can take our slogan of seeking political equity seriously.
We should resolve to tell the Judases of the zone that much as they can buy and browbeat 95 candidates who take orders from them for their mercantilist politics, they can’t do that to the entire Igbo 30 million voters.
We have to prove to those five betrayers for their tummy that we have surrendered our political and leadership fate to them for too long and now, we want to take it back and put them where they belong.
Let all Igbo voters rise and cleanse our identity of this shame of being branded political laggards.
Let’s resolve to either swim or sink with Peter Obi. If we don’t get him to power, working with other Nigerians, we would succeed in making others take us seriously next time.


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