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That Umahi’s umbrage against Obiozor needs retraction


I wish someone advises dear Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State not to use this mudslinging on Prof George Obiozor, Ohanaeze president general to dent the good reputation he garnered at the last APC convention.

I don’t situate how the Ohanaeze president would have been the one to tell adults and leaders like Orji Uzor Kalu, my former boss, a character like Uzodinma, Ken Nnamani, Chris Ngige, and other APC leaders in those Igbo states that sold the votes of their delegates to highest bidders, that they needed to fight for their own reputation. I still don’t situate it.

When Umahi was blurting out against Prof Obiozor, did anyone remind him that the man he is blaming is not an APC member, but the leader of the entire Igbo of all parties and those who are non-partisan? Why didn’t he also blame Obiozor for the same scene earlier in PDP? Since Obiozor was responsible for the disappointment in APC, then he is responsible for every political error in Igboland, including the division and parallels APC primaries in Ebonyi that produced two ‘candidates’ – Elias Mbam and Francis Nwifuru where Umahi is the power in charge.

Umahi has become a leader and should know that a leader doesn’t in anger start breaking the pots and wares. It wasn’t good of him to castigate Obiozor and leave his fellow APC leaders in the South East without blame. Or, I should just say that Umahi found a weak party and scapegoat in Obiozor and was afraid to confront the real problems of his party in Igboland.

When the governor of a state says in the public that he has lost his respect for Obiozor, who is not an APC member and that he is no longer his president, would it surprise anyone if young people see Obiozor in Ebonyi State and beat him up in the street.? Umahi never said anyone should attack Obiozor. Get that right.

But if I, as a father, tell my children in rage that a certain person is a vain character and doesn’t command my respect, the plain interpretation my children take is that such person deserves any ridicule, including, possibly spitting in his face anywhere they see him.

Dear Governor Umahi, that statement from you was quite unbecoming. I guess it did breach the standard of leadership on your side. You have all avenues to reach Prof Obiozor and discuss with him, but you dressing him down in the public was simply ridicule of the Igbo race, given his position.

If Obiozor were from Ebonyi and another governor of another state said that about him, I guess rightly what my Ebonyi kins would be saying right now…that it’s because he is from Ebonyi that makes the governor insult him.

You are my governor or governor of my state, for the sake of decorum, there are words I shouldn’t use on you in public. My disagreement over your steps must be spiced with respect while strictly sticking to facts and not bland cacophony.

If little me is bound by such obligation in decorum, I guess you, a bigger and more influential personality is fast tethered to more inescapable compliance. To you, it’s like erga omnes, as we say in international human rights rules. Erga omnes is a compelling rule from where no derogation is acceptable.

Mr. Governor, that statement from you didn’t sound so good. I wish you may redress it appropriately. It sent the message of serious division in the ranks of Igbo leadership.

You did a great job in Abuja on June 6&7 and should preserve that effort with some seasoning or nice words or swallowing the bitterness in silence for the larger image of the Igbo. I still commend you, like many Igbo did, that even though you were a world away from winning, you didn’t sell out.

I even read that you congratulated the Ebonyi PDP national delegates who stood with their brother, Senator Anyim. I wish you retract that umbrage and bile against Prof Obiozor and the Igbo. It wouldn’t pay for any reason, that you isolate Ebonyi from the rest of the Igbo.

Yes, I say the rest of the Igbo because if that outrage is not retracted, some bad blood already sowed would fester to something no one would predict the extent. I am only an interested party, not powerful, not knowledgeable. Just saying the little I can.


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