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OBIdient Movement: When living in lies helps


In other spheres and aspects of the society today, they know social media runs the world.
But regarding the OBIdient movement, they choose to live in lies that it’s noisemaking.
I pray that you keep to your delusion until your destructive order is swept away.
We are just making noise with our PVCs. So long as we are not your party members, we are noisemaking crowd. From few hundreds, we hit millions.
We convert more.
We force a change of CVR closing date and got 60 more days so we can all register.
But we are just making noise.
In the Bible, 1 Kings 22v22 and 2 Chronicles 18v21, a voice asked in heaven, how would Ahab, the King of Israel be lured into war with Ramoth Gilead for his destruction.
An angel said, I know how to do it.
He was asked again, how?
He said: I will give their prophets the spirit of lies to keep prophesying that Ahab will be victorious at all costs.
That was the magic wand and all the prophets told Ahab the same thing, that nothing will stop his victory against Ramoth Gilead, especially fighting in liaison with Jehoshaphat, the King of Judah.
At a point another prophet was summoned, he said otherwise and the king ordered his incarceration as he went to war.
He ordered that he should not be fed properly or adequately until he is back from the war to decide his final fate.
And Micaiah, the true prophet replied Ahab, you will do that if at you return alive.
At last, Ahab never returned from the war. He was consumed.
Today, there is a war in the land over political power
All the prophets are out to get the attention of the kings who have the structure to win.
May this spirit of self delusion continue to stalk and direct them like it did to Ahab so they will end the way Ahab ended.
That is the message for today.


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