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Igbo and 2023: Gov Umahi, pause, take a deep breath and fix tomorrow


Someone should remind our dear Governor David Nweze Umahi that tomorrow still exists.
The way he attacks the quest of any Igbo becoming Nigerian president is historically worrisome.
He should not forget that he is just one man engaging the entire Igbo to a wrestling contest. It’s a dangerous gamble for a leader and for any individual.
Party interest or not, wisdom commands that one should avoid presenting himself as an enemy of his own people. No single Igbo is as big as the entire Igbo
Why should someone who has made some good impacts on his people work this hard to destroy what he built?
Politics apart, Umahi would not leave office without some positives history will remember him for in Igboland.
Someone close to Governor Umahi should kindly advise him against what he is doing and saying against the stand of the Igbo to get a stand in the leadership of this country.
Moreover, this same man in the past two years has told the Igbo and Nigeria that he was out on a mission to wipe the tears of the Igbo over political leadership. He said his mission in his present political party was to reverse the neglect and denial of the Igbo in the national political equation.
So, why is he the one fighting Igbo political interest with such vehemence?
When Umahi was a student and a young man, there were people in Igbo leadership.
All those actors or Igbo political leaders of the Second Republic have left the world or retired.
Tomorrow, Umahi’s generation in Igbo leadership will retire and another comes.
How would he want to be remembered after he had retired? As someone who stood against his people?
Umahi has his rights, no doubt, but none of such rights would stop history from judging him and all of us.
He has said repeatedly that he wouldn’t support an Igbo for president because they are deceitful. He has the right to such decision, but I bet, not the right to scandalize the Igbo.
Most times, he even sounds like he decides for the entire state. That’s very contrary in a democracy.
It is nice for him, but the candidate of his party he supports is a person everything about him is defined in deciet, doubts and controversy. What deceit is Umahi actually running away from, while stumping and rooting for Tinubu?
So, all the sincere commitment to the building of Nigeria by the Great Zik, and the contributions of others after him, including Alex Ekwueme who laid the foundation of PDP that made him what he is what he rubbishes in a single word as deceitful?
It’s Igbo people that recommended and voted him into power without which he would not have been what he is today.
Umahi should avoid some costly pitfalls on his way.
He shouldn’t forget that it was the government of one of Igbo leaders he calls deceitful today that founded a university he passed through. It was the government of the eastern region that founded the secondary school that fashioned him. But the Igbo is swept into his trash can as one deceitful bunch today.
Yes, sometimes we use words that are so weighty that we get dumbfounded when the meaning comes tumbling out.
That usage that the Igbo are too deceitful is weighty.
The people that failed or foiled his presidential ambition are his party members who didn’t vote for him at the presidential primaries, not the entire Igbo. So why not say his party men in APC are deceitful instead of taking his anger out on the entire Igbo that had no hand in that?
After he lost his quest for the ticket, Umahi started sounding like all his clamour was for his self interest and not the Igbo.
They are others that lost among the Igbo but none of them sounds this bitter as if the Igbo meant just them.
He should know that whoever scorns his people before the public actually scorns himself. Dear Governor Umahi, drop this dangerous game and stop toying with the good you have done as the governor of your state with some enduring infrastructure you have built.
Stop and ask yourself how you would have felt if you won the APC presidential ticket you vied for and all Igbo took this your position against you.
For the last time, you will only cast one vote and can’t decide for Ebonyi. But your words as a leader would remain always weighty for or against you


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