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Tobi Amusan, Ese Brume take back Nigeria with world records


On Sunday in faraway Oregon, United States of America, two Nigerian young people made us feel we are still the people that blaze the trail.
They hoisted the flag of Nigeria and the Anthem was sang with the world standing.
Toyin Amusan made it Gold in the 100m hurdle setting a world record in the World Athletics Competition.
To Ese, Silver was very good in her long jump performance before the whole world.
We are proud of these two women of our own.
They belong to the younger generation of Nigeria and have taken back their country from plunderers who have messed up everything.
I bet you that they stepped out to compete for Nigeria on their own bill, and they won.
Let this be a lesson to all young Nigerian people looking and hoping for a better Nigeria that’s theirs. It’s only you that can make it happen like these two compatriots of yours in sports did.
The hunger, death and sorrows bad leadership spreads all over has not spared any of you because of where you come from or your religion.
All of you 5 million university students are home due to ASUU strike and none of you has gone back to school to continue with the quest for your future because of the religion or ethnic group you belong to.
Count how many of their children have graduated from overseas universities this year alone while you are home wasting away.
Only a good choice next year will give you a future. It’s not on ethnic or religious reasons or the lack of reasons.
The common denominator in Nigeria is pain caused by the bad leadership.
So as you get your PVC, go and vote next year and protect your vote
Only that way would you have a future ane take back your country
Congratulations to Tobi and Ese and to all good Nigerians


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