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Pelosi in Taiwan: The larger US danger to smaller countries



On Tuesday, August 3, Nancy Pelosi, the US Congress Speaker and third most senior government official did her dare and arrived in Taipei on a state visit.

That visit symbolises the stance of America towards China, no matter the flimsy words of caution from the White House against it.

Pelosi coming to Taiwan is, to say the least, deliberately provocative, a diplomatic ploy by the US to worsen the festering bad blood with China since 2018 Donald Trump rolled out to decouple China economically.

They execute the project in phases and I know Beijing is aware of the ultimate plan -to incite China into war with Taiwan with the US joining as President Joe Biden promised in Tokyo on May 23 and thereby disrupt the uninterrupted progress the country has made since 1949 to come this far.

The US is the provocateur of the bitterness between Russia and Ukraine erupting into the crises the world has not resolved, six months after.

With its huge appetite to steadily destabilize other countries of the world, America hasn’t seen enough crisis for the world in Ukraine. It wants more.

This time, China is the target, using Taiwan as bait to destabilise it at the same time as Russia. When the two superpowers that operate from the opposite divide in the global equation would be busy with wars, the US will have a free run to manipulate the rest of the smaller countries with no one challenging.

Just a month after the war in Ukraine started, Biden quickly flew into Warsaw, not to discuss peace, but business. He went to convince the European Union to start buying oil and gas from the US instead of Russia. After his business trip, he flew back to Washington to keep feeding the conflagration with more faggots to burn larger and provide the right environment for his market.

If China engages Taiwan in armed conflict as Washington plans, it would be distracted like Russia while the US takes over the global market in chips, oil and gas, computer gadgets, iron and steel, etc which China has dominated for about 20 unbroken years. But I have no doubt that China is smarter than such a gambit which is the hallmark of Washington’s selfish power play.

As the global economy roils in agony over the escalating prices of wheat, oil, gas, etc occasioned by the shortfall from Russia, global inflation has pushed higher the request for the US dollar. That profits Washington’s global monopolistic economic agenda.

Should they succeed in inciting China into conflict with Taiwan like in Russia against Ukraine, the squeeze would be stronger and with bigger benefits for the US.

Also, China would be out of the way to challenge its solo economic manipulation of the world, experiencing lesser exports to the advantage of the US, while the larger world groans and grows weaker in the hands of the monopolist who pleasures in giving handouts with strings attached.

Washington with its allies, the World Bank, and IMF, would rather exterminate countries and donate free food to the few survivors, announcing to the gullible how kind they are.

Therefore, the wider world should look beyond just Taiwan and China and see the danger ahead. The world needs to know this to see better why the stability and strength of China is for its own larger good.

Since 1949, the People’s Republic of China has had Taiwan as one of its regions, tensions didn’t flare up until 2016 when Tsai Ing-wei was elected the president with her negative inclination to the existing order of One China, Two Systems that had rolled devoid of bad blood.

Outsiders barely know that Taiwan and China have so much in common that commotion was never the issue until 2016.

I attended and reported the Chinese annual Spring legislative assembly in Beijing in March 2016 where the Taiwanese government was represented by the Kuomintang Party (KMT)

But immediately after President Barrack Obama launched his Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an economic framework he unequivocally stated the objective was to checkmate China’s reach, he commenced with sowing enmity between China and Taiwan. Tsai Ing-wei became his ready ally.

I have been to Zhuhai in Guangdong Province as well as to Pingtan Island in the Fujian Province. At the Zhuhai and Pingtan Island waterfronts, citizens and other travellers freely move across the lines into Taiwan or Hong Kong. These people have always lived in peace until America brought its disruptions.

Meanwhile, in 2016 when Mainland China and Taiwan had issues over the death of Mainland tourists who died in a road crash that occasioned a lull in Taiwanese tourism, the people of Taiwan just a month started a protest, complaining of hardship because their economy was drying up.

The Taiwanese government should not turn a blind eye to the economic hardship it would suffer if it keeps acting on Washington’s script against Mainland China, especially with the US history of dumping countries after using them as ladders to their expected height.

Taiwan should look at the unending tension in the Korean Peninsula and ask itself if it is what it dreams of in the straits linking Taiwan and Mainland China. Any day the US is done with Taiwan, they will leave and leave behind regrets for the island they used and dumped.


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