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Sam Omatseye is not Yoruba but out to cause Igbo-Yoruba war


In the past, politically, Igbo and Yoruba have not been enemies until the arrival of Tinubu to the scene.
Since his days, all manner of agents of hate and provocateurs have been unleashed to cause war.
*Any Lagos candidate, also of Yoruba that the Igbo voters want to vote is interpreted as the Igbo planning to take over Lagos, unless it is Tinubu.
*Tinubu’s interest has been elevated to Lagos and Yoruba interest by his followers.

  • Tinubu fought in NADECO alongside Uma Eleazu, Innocent Chima, Ndubuisi Kanu, Ebitu Ukiwe, Omeire, etc. These have been forgotten as Igbo who were pro-Yoruba
    *Igbo votes saved Tinubu from losing in his second tenure bid in Lagos in 2003
  • An Igbo man, Humphrey Nwosu conducted the June 12, 1993 election and was about declaring Abiola winner at the expense of his life
  • An Igbo man didn’t annul that election
  • An Igbo man didn’t incarcerate Abiola that led to his death
    *The Igbo didn’t kill Pa Fasoranti daughter
    *The Igbo didn’t bomb Owo church, but was 50% of the victim
    *An Igbo never laid siege of terrorism to Yoruba land.
    *Igbo was running mate to Chief Awo
  • Yoruba man was running mate to Great Zik
  • Igbo voted MKO
    *Igbo voted Obasanjo
    *Igbo man relinquished his presidential ticket to Olu Falae in 1999
    But an Igbo man buying property in Lagos is interpreted as taking over Lagos
    But members of this political clan that champions this incitement have property in Dubai, London, New York, Paris, etc and never accused of taking those places over
    Omatseye who is not a Yoruba man has taken up the task of inciting the hate against the Igbo in Lagos for the interest of one man taken as that of Yoruba
    Sam Omatseye should be called to order. If he loves war, let him bring it upon himself or enlist his ethnic group Itshekiri for that and should be stopped in his bid to cause disharmony between Yoruba and Igbo


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