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Buhari’s N1.14b gift to Niger Republic is impeachable


It would by be clearer by now to those blaming the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) that the federal government has derailed.
While Nigeria is collapsing, the government in Nigeria that has steadily shown it may not be the government of Nigeria doled out a huge N1.14 billion to buy cars for Nigerien government officials.
After the documents authorized by President Muhammadu Buhari leaked to the public, his surrogate and destructive Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed is justifying the reckless act.
Sometime in March this year, while we were gnashing our teeth over the shutdown of universities, Buhari sent $1 million to Afghanistan as gift.
On hearing of this reckless generosity, ASUU toughened up, asking why they should accept any half measures from the government when it has such amount to play Father Christmas in Afghanistan.
Buhari has been building a railway of 50km stretch into Maradi, Niger Republic from its borders with Nigeria.
Pray, did Nigeria elect Buhari to be the president of Niger?
When did the laws of Nigeria incorporate Niger as part of the country, that they should be fed to satisfaction when Nigerians go hungry?
When some Nigerians protested the railway project when 99% of Nigeria is yet to be covered by railway, Buhari replied that he has family members and first cousins in Niger.
Should we conclude that Buhari uses the resources of Nigeria which Nigerians toil to create to take care of his personal foreign family members?
Is it within the knowledge of the laws of Nigeria for Buhari to deploy our resources to feed Niger and his foreign family members? If anyone would argue it’s for security, why never Cameroon or Chad? Only Niger.
The National Assembly approved this illegal spending and keeps quiet.
Why should Buhari not be impeached for this?
Why should Ahmed Lawan, the Senate President who vowed before hand to approve everything Buhari brings not be impeached?
Why should Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of the House of Representatives not be impeached for this approval?
Why would the clamour over the fear of Islamizing and Fulaninizing Nigeria not ring louder?
All the countries Buhari experiments his Father Christmas stunts with are Islamic, even the approving officers.


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