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Buhari’s retarding fixation on civil war stops him moving Nigeria forward


President Muhammadu Buhari’s fixated hate for the Igbo is just sickening.
Could it be that this phobia and nuclear inclination stops him from thinking about how to lead Nigeria, hence this current crises?
The president hosted leaders of his defunct CPC political group in his office on Tuesday and while addressing them, he digressed to the civil war on how ‘we killed over one million of ourselves in the past and we cannot allow a repeat of the same experience.”
Does it mean that negative fixation is the only thing the president remembers and possibly just standing on that spot doesn’t allow him reckon that Nigeria is sinking under his watch?
With every opportunity, even unrelated to the Nigeria’s history, which he never saw any positive in, he backtracks and doubles down on the same inclination.
He does not want to remember that there are also wonderful pasts about Nigeria he should reference to for the growth of the country.
It doesn’t elevate that the only history of the country the president of Nigeria remembers is the civil war, deliberately to deepen and re-emphasise and revive continually the hate for the people who ‘started’ the war.
The president never remembered for once that there was a time many Nigerians lived together as one people, neither does he ever recall that we have what is called Nigeria today because the founding fathers buried their differences to forge a common identity and destiny.
Isn’t it shocking that Buhari is about ending his 8 years in power without for once paying tribute to those founders of Nigeria that made this existence possible? All he keeps reminding is the civil war, for the reason of reviving hate against the Igbo

If he were out to use that as tool for positive unity, he should have demonstrated openness in his administration by providing an even playing ground rather than this brazen nepotism than rankles the narrows.
Some years ago, the president hosted young Nigerians serving in Daura and what he decided to do was a recall of the same hate phobia.
He asked the NYSC operatives that those from eastern Nigeria should identify themselves. As they did by raising their hands, he dropped his terse advice that they should go home and tell their people not to waste their time over any Bifra again. Shocking, indeed. Did that visit have anything to do with the issue? Were those young people sent to serve in Duara that had not been born during the war the right people to send such hate message?
Again, it is a meeting of leaders of a political bloc, and he goes back to the hate fixation.
Where does that come into the matter at hand?
If Buhari may know this, the issue at hand is the insecurity and the daily killings by boko haram, bandits, nomadic herdsmen, etc and their arms spread out all over Nigeria. It is also about the poverty and hardship-induced crime wave for survival.
The war he referred to is not what has made food unaffordable to the common Nigerians. It’s not the reason oil produced in Niger Delta and South East is stolen into private pockets. It’s not the reason Nigerians can’t travel by road, by rail, by air or by sea. The collapse of the economy under his watch is not due to the war of 55 years ago. Buhari should learn to drop hate because this lethal hate dose against some parts of Nigeria can never heal or forster progress.
What he does by this constant negative refrain is retrogressive. He can’t move forward by looking backwards. It doesn’t signify any intention to move decisively in the right direction.
Enough of this hate recall. Leave those behind and find a way to redeem yourself from this decay we suffer in your hands as the leader.
We have heard you enough on that because the ones you repeated in the past seven years are still fresh in our memory.
Since we don’t collectively suffer memory loss as a country, we remember what you have said repeatedly in the past.
Please, say something about now to liberate Nigeria from being the poorest country in the world, a status it acquired since you came to power.
Liberate Nigeria from being recklessly killed and abducted every day in hundreds.
Rescue Nigeria from hunger and the collapsed economy where food is no longer within the reach of the citizens.
This hankering over Biafra won’t solve the challenge we face. Only good and inclusive leadership can. Let Mr. President work hard on that good and progressive option because you don’t bring like by cursing the darkness.
Rather make some fire or light a reed to burn and darkness will vanish.


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