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Huawei vows better cloud solution services in Nigeria’s IT sector


Huawei Technologies, the Chinese giant information technology provider, has vowed better cloud solutions and services in the Nigerian ICT sector with better equipment and human resources.

This assurance was handed to operators and consumers of its IT services, especially the latest trends in cloud solutions during a conference in Lagos where it hosted its clients last week.

The event focusing mainly on cloud solutions was held in partnership with Manifold Computer. The customer summit also hosted consumers in the oil and gas and financial sector industry (FSI) with the theme ‘Creating a new digital era through cutting edge ICT in the 21st century.”

It was attended by over 100 guests including Mr. Way Ne, Director Huawei IP Solutions, Mr. Dharmesh Gupta, Executive Director, Manifold Computer, and senior officials from Access Bank, UBA, Smile Network, Consolidated Hallmark, Unity Bank, etc.

The event also showcased Huawei networking solutions, DCF solutions, and storage solutions.

The company re-emphasised its resolve to keep providing cutting-edge technology and continuously enriching the lives of Nigerians by working with top customers, and partners in the industry to achieve the best outcomes.

It used the outing to display that its Cloud Solutions allow enterprises to use IT resources as they use water and electricity. Due to its credibility and reliability over time in cloud solutions, over 500 organizations in Africa with more than 100 partners and more than 50 government organizations are already on the subscription list of Huawei Cloud Solutions.

The company explained that Huawei cloud manages cyber risk through security strategy development and policy definition, embedding security by design and building value into banking environments through a network of certified experts globally.

Mr. Jimoh Okoh, ICT architect with Huawei explained during his presentation that: “The configurations are carried out optimally in accordance with the financial best practice and regulatory compliance ensuring optimal operation and security services to respond to cyberattacks.”

He cited an instance that “when Opera migrated their traditional data cloud business to Huawei Cloud, their massive storage systems were transformed into a diverse suite of robust IaaS and PaaS on  the cloud with 30% cost efficiency, 20% lower latency, and three times resource utilization

Opay, a one-stop mobile-based platform for payment and other vital delivery services faced the difficulty of high cloud management volumes, instability, and slow response earlier in its business, but after integrating the Huawei Cloud brilliant innovation, the business currently has 70% stability, 40% efficiency, 50% response by hosting vendors and 39% TCO.”

Huawei Cloud is used by over 47 out of 100 top banks in the world in over 60 countries and by over 2,000 global financial institutions.

Its data centre facility share is leading the industry as it provides on-demand elastic capacity expansion, relieving capital pressure just in time service supply request, refined management, and SPC collaborative development which will provide a higher revenue, lower energy consumption, and lower OPEX

Mr. Olayemi Joseph, the Enterprise Marketing and Solution Sales Manager stated that one important factor is that Huawei has submitted over 2,000 payments in storage, thereby, defining the storage industry. Huawei also invests heavily in research and development with more than 4,000 engineers in R&D.

It has over time gained industry recognition in various ways through performance and tests carried out according to industry standards.

As an end-to-end provider, Huawei ensures that the hardware installed has other applications in order to perform optimally.


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