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Queen Elizabeth II funeral: Shabby, 2nd class treatment meted to African lenders in London


African leaders who were actually invited to the funeral of late British royal, Queen Elizabeth II got a low and shabby treatment during the event of Monday, September 19 in London.
The leaders from Africa were seen crammed in a public metro bus that conveyed them to the event.
A trending picture of the leaders in the undignified public bus made a hit on social media on Monday.
Ironically, the same leaders who act like gods in Africa, in the face of the downgrading treatment, unlike how leaders from other parts of the world were handled, were pictured smiling and feeling happy.
As they rode in the common bus as the less valued guests, leaders of the US, France, Germany, and other European countries in attendance were transported in official cars, including President Joseph Biden of the US that rode in his official Beast.
“Most of these leaders including Kenya’s newly elected President William Ruto, East Africa’s only lady President Samia Hassan of Tanzania and Uganda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Gen. Jeje Odongo, and other leaders were pictured seated like our local passengers in Kampala,” reported a Ugandan media.

This was in accordance with United Kingdom’s order that no one should should travel by private means or by helicopter across.
Contrary to the announced order, Biden and those other white leaders got a different treatment at the event.
Pictures of the African leaders have caused prominent twitter users to make fun of African leaders saying they are undervalued, treated with disdain and racist neglect compared to those from the West.


  1. This is quite pitiful.
    They seem to be enjoying being transported in a kaikai bus. They think it’s the epitome of class in a white man’s country.
    Very sad indeed.


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