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Chinese engagement propels Africa’s engineering capabilities

Lagos metro train station being built by CCECC, a Chinese engineering company

Chinese engagement is propelling Africa’s capabilities in the field of engineering with a commendable contribution to the continent’s socio-economic development, African experts have said.

   “China has been engaged in several projects in Africa. Depending on the particular project, the particular country, and how they engage, the projects end with the African country having learned and gained a lot from it,” Carlien Bou-Chedid, the president of the Federation of African Engineering Organizations (FAEO), told Xinhua in a recent interview.

   The FAEO president emphasized that Africa’s engineering sector is facing various challenges that require robust engagement to bridge the gaps in skilled manpower, technologies as well as financing constraints.

   Bou-Chedid, in this regard, singled out China’s successful knowledge and experience-sharing endeavor in terms of enabling African engineers to master the latest technologies in the fields of engineering, and eventually enabling them to drive the momentum in Africa’s quest for development.

   She underscored the need to further deepen the China-Africa cooperation in the field of engineering, emphasizing that “there are several areas that we can exploit.”

   “We are looking forward to working together with China in a better way, harmonizing our standards, learning from each other, and ensuring that we raise the standard of engineering practices throughout,” she added.

   Yonas Ayalew, the president of the Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineers, also echoed Bou-Chedid’s comments as he underscored the crucial role of Chinese engagement in terms of transforming the state of engineering in Africa.

   “The Chinese are playing a great role in the development of African infrastructures. Here in Ethiopia, for example, they (Chinese) have put a good platform and good benchmark for African engineers,” Ayalew told Xinhua recently.



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